Can we benefit from Competitions

Let us imagine there is no competition, no opposition at any phase of our life! Let us assume that everyone is treated equally regardless of their talent, skill sets or capacity! How would life be without any sense of contest in it? Will there be any enthusiasm left among individuals to do any better? Will they be eager to accomplish anything different?

Competitions are used as driving forces to generate all the motivation that is needed to excel in any particular field of work. A competitive environment has that power to provide an essential external motivation environment. When there is a set of competitors at a similar level with an individual, it becomes easier to move forward and achieve goals.

Limitless benefits may be derived from the logic of competition in all the spheres of a human life. At the same time, the nature of the competition needs to be healthy and must not include any intention of harming the opposition. Reflecting on well managed competitions, the following set of advantages may be highlighted:

o It makes us more goal-oriented: A few of us would want to do anything worthwhile if there is no competition, and hence no reward. If the CEO of an organization earned the same amount of money as that of a housekeeping employee at his office, there is no reason why he would be motivated to become the CEO!

o It initiates growth: An individual or a corporation wouldn’t want to change anything if competitions do not exist. It is a natural phenomenon that growth comes only when a person or an entity thrives to do something better compared to oneself or any other person.

o It encourages creativity: Innovation comes from having competitors! New and better options are sought by people and companies alike only when there is exhaustion in the market from using the same kind of equipment or technique by a number of competitive faces.

o It makes us realistic: In the real world, there is a little room at the top, not anybody can walk up and stand there. Unless this reality is realized, a person may very much like to live in his Utopian kingdom for good. Competitions may help in breaking myths, curing laziness and changing the perspective of a person to see the world as it is.

o It Helps us think Out of the box: Most of the marvels of technology, science, engineering, medical and other sectors have taken place due to the fact that someone dared to think out-of-the-box at some point of one’s life!

Competitions are natural for evolution. The smart thing would be to take them as integral ingredients of the concoction called Life! So, enjoy competition, enjoy life!

Disclaimer: This article has been written by a member of Corporate Communication Team at Fortune Institute of International Business- An MBA College in South Delhi. The article shows their views only.