Channels Weekly Digest: April 24-30

PaGaLGuY Channels brings you the most Recommended Reads from April 24-30.

1. The Writer’s ‘Routine’ by Rashmi Bansal. Read 1,614 times.

2. Sometimes, you gotta take the plunge! by Chris Burnett. Read 2,578 times.

3. Imperfections and renditions by Somak Ghosh. Read 230 times.

4. Why the Indus Valley civilisation remains a model worth emulating by Sandeep Manudhane. Read 440 times.

5. Half MBA- Part 1 by Mridul Shandilya. Read 833 times.

6. Why Marriage is Not for You? by Sumit Anand. Read 522 times.

7. The Last Smile by Shivam Mishra. Read 70 times.

8. From Why Not MBA to Why MBA by John Doe. Read 648 times.

9. How I Started Out in Politics by Priya Dutt. Read 783 times.

10. Why AAP is missing in many States? by Derek O’Brien. Read 470 times.

11. Aam Aadmi Party is Evolving For the Better by Prashant Bhushan. Read 854 times.

12. Shazia Ilmi Crosses the Line and Brings Discredit to AAP by Capt GR Gopinath. Read 504 times.

13. Why I Got into politics and My Plans Ahead by Karti Chidambaram. Read 377 times.

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