Centrifugal Force and applications of Horizontal Circular Motion

First we will discuss a basic Horizontal Circular Motion of a Conical Pendulum which is a specific type of circular motion of a simple pendulum. When the bob of a suspended simple pendulum moves in a horizontal uniform circular motion, the string of the bob moves on the surface of cone, such a system is called Conical Pendulum.

Analysis of motion of a Conical Pendulum is given here in video –https://youtu.be/y-o4o4KQSmA

As the circular motion is an accelerated motion then in the reference frame of an observer moving along

the body in circular motion the body will experience a Pseudo Force due to the normal acceleration in


This Pseudo Force will act in radially outward direction on body as seen by observer as

observers acceleration (centripetal acceleration) is in radially inward direction. This Pseudo Force on

body we call Centrifugal Force. But on applying Centrifugal Force we need to consider body to be at rest

as it is seen in the frame of an observer who is also moving in circular motion along with the body.

To analyze the Centrifugal Force in detail, see the video – https://youtu.be/1PKHmVPeiLc

For detailed understanding and applications on Horizontal Circular Motion, see the example videos

below –