Celebrating the proud misfit at IIT Roorkee’s annual cultural festival, Thomso

Thomso is the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R). Held in the month of October,last year’s edition witnessed a footfall of about 40,000, making it the largest cultural fest of Northern India. Celebrating its 34th year, this year’s theme is ‘Song of the Wildflower’.

Rishabh Gupta, Head of Marketing for Thomso said, “This year’s theme will be all about reliving the spirit of the 70’s and ‘Discover the Proud misfit with a weary soul’ and setting it free.We believe that nothing serves as a better testament to the human brilliance than the way we manifest our intellect and artistry into our culture; and in all honesty, no decade has had a culture as extravagantly adorned with dreams and unyielding ambition as the ‘70s.”

“The beauty of this decade was in the psychedelic music of The Beatles, the avant-garde innovations from the garage of Steve Jobs, and the labs of Stephen Hawking. Fitting in was not the way to go any more. Ingenuity and passion had taken the driver’s seat, leading us all to a world where being a maverick was not frowned upon.After-all the best thing you can be is yourself. This October, we aim to recreate this decade and drench in its essence by doing just that,” he explains.

Started in 1982 by the students of IIT Roorkee, it has, over the years, featured personalities like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, KK, Farhan Akhtar, Sushmita Sen, Raghu Dixit, and Indian Ocean among others. Thomso boasts of a variety of events from fearsome competitions to lavish carnivals, all the while celebrating art, culture and expression. Thomso 2016 will take place from October 21st – 23rd.