CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020: Previous year papers for Social Science and other preparation tips

CBSE Class 10th preparation tips

As the examination date of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Class 10 Board exams approaches, the tension and pressure among the students also increase simultaneously. One big challenge for most of the students remains covering the vast syllabus of several subjects to be able to perform well in the examinations.

One of these subjects is Social Science, which is rather considered as boring by many students. As the preparation process for this particular subject involves memorizing facts and dates, instead of understanding logic and practicality. Be it Social Sciences or any other subject, one of the best practices is to solve the previous year question papers and various other mock tests.

This practice helps you get a clear understanding of the type of topics you can expect to be asked in the examination. The important topics from which the questions are asked each year so that you can lay more emphasis on those topics. It also helps you analyze your level of solving the questions asked and review your performance on a daily basis to improve your preparation for the actual examination.

Apart from these, by solving the previous year’s papers, you will be able to analyze the time taken to solve a particular section or question. With regular practice, you can easily strategize your time to attempt each section of the paper, hence resulting in managing your time efficiently in the actual examination. At the beginning of the preparation, you can start by solving one previous year question paper or mock examination and later on increase the frequency as the test dates are near.

As mentioned earlier, most of the students consider social science to be a boring subject, so the above-mentioned strategies work best for this subject as you clearly get an idea of the important and selective topics that are being asked frequently in all the past question papers.

You can have a better understanding of those topics and dedicate more time and effort in learning those topics. Moreover, the previous year question papers are always considered to be a good way of preparing for the important part of the syllabus.

CBSE Class 10th and 12th Board Exam 2020 Datesheet

CBSE Class 10 Board Examination 2020: Changes in Examination pattern for Social Science

Now with the change in the examination pattern of the social science paper, it is important to be completely aware of the new pattern that includes newly added objective type questions. Earlier the number of total questions asked was 26, which has now been increased to 35. The Central Board of Secondary Education has also released sample question papers for CBSE Class 10 Board Examination 2020 – Social Sciences.

Candidates can visit the official website of the CBSE,  to download these sample question papers and have a clear understanding of the format of the paper and make the preparation strategy accordingly. It is important to manage the time effectively in the examination, as the number of questions is now increased.