CAT 2017 Topper: This non-engineer solved 80 mocks in 6 months to score 100 percentile

For 20-year-old Meet Agarwal, it was always MBA as the first career choice. More so because his sister is an IIM Udaipur alumni and he belongs to a family where a lot of other members have been to IIMs. A call from IIM Ahmedabad today after his thunderous feat of scoring 100 percentile in CAT 2017 is a step ahead in achieving his goal of getting an MBA degree. 

Name: Meet Agarwal

CAT 2017: 100 %iler

Qualification: B. Com

State: Gujarat


PaGaLGuY (PG): Congratulations on securing the top spot for CAT 2017 exam. Did you always wanted to get into an IIM?

Meet Agarwal (MA): From the very beginning (read 10th standard) I was sure that I wanted to get into an IIM for an MBA. My biggest inspiration has been my family. A lot of my family members have graduated from the IIMs and hence I also wanted to get into one. However, I aspire to get into the Harvard Business School. 

Meet, is also in the final year of completing his CA (Chartered Accountant) course. He is also preparing for GMAT exam, due later this month and wants to get into the Harvard Business school. 

PG: What do you think has got you the top spot in the CAT 2017 exam?

Meet: I solved over 80 mock test in a span of over 6 months. I think that has been one reason I could achieve 100 percentile. Also, you get instant results and see where you are going wrong if you solve regular mocks.

PG: Why do you think engineers have dominated the CAT scenario till date?
Meet: I think CAT is an aptitude based test and now in the recent years, they have reduced the level of quantitative aptitude as well, which was the reason for engineers to get an upper hand earlier. This time around a lot of candidates solved 30-31 questions in quantitative aptitude and that, in turn, helped in better scores for them. 

While candidates struggled this year with a difficult DI & LR (Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning), Meet managed to solve 24 questions. That paid off in a perfect 100 percentile in DI & LR for his favour and helped him score the magic numbers. “After the answer keys were out, I was expecting a good result as I had pretty good numbers when it came to DI & LR and Quantitative Aptitude,” informed Meet. 

PG: What do you enjoy the most apart from your studies? 

Along with studies, Table Tennis is something that excites me. I have also represented my state in the Under 16 Table Tennis championship.

PG: What are your Tips for CAT 2018 aspirants?

If you think straight, work hard, solve mocks and have a good hold on quantitative aptitude, CAT is an easy exam to crack.