CAT 2015 slot 2 analysis – the CAT is out of the bag!

Dear Readers,

Finally, the two slots for the CAT exam are over. The second slot was
also along the same lines as the first one.

In terms of levels of sections, LR-DI was again tough in the second
slot. It consisted of 4 DI and 4 LR sets, with one set being direct input types
in each area. Overall, an attempt of roughly 5 sets in the section is a very
good one.

VA-RC was the one easy section in the exam that you needed to target.
For a change, RCs were not based on obscure subjects and contained some
relatively easy questions. Surprisingly, the exam directions had a mistake and
they quoted RCs as having 4 questions for each passage. On the other hand, the
exam had 3 RCs with 6 questions and 2 RCs with 3 questions each. The level of
RC passages, in terms of reading, was lower than last year. The non-RC
questions, though seemingly easy, posed the problem that they were direct input
ones. Parajumbles were tricky as it is hard to guess the correct order and
multiple combinations can be formed. At attempt of 26 questions plus is a good
one in this section.

In terms of difficulty level, QA was had questions from easy to
moderate level. In comparison to slot-1, the QA portion for the second slot was
slightly tougher.  There were some easy
questions in the section but some were a little time consuming as well. An
attempt of 20 questions plus is a good attempt in the QA section.

In terms of breakup of questions, this slot was fairly similar to the first slot and you can read the analysis for the first slot here.

Students who have attempted all of the Prepathon Mock CATs would be
largely familiar with this test pattern and should do well in the actual CAT.

All the Best everyone!!!

Do post your experiences, opinion, number of attempts, queries, etc, in
the comments section below.