CAT 2013: Nominate the Dream Team and UnderDogs Team

(Photo: Wikimedia CH)

Continuing the eight-year-old tradition, we announce the nominations for PaGaLGuY Dream Team and PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team as open for season 2013. These are teams built around CAT preparation that are known for their camaraderie, performance and passion to succeed through moments that would be cherished for life. Here’s a rundown on each of these teams.

PG Dream Team

Who are they: Dream Team consists of people whose consistent performance in CAT mock tests has become a benchmark for others. These people are believed to have the ability to maul CAT on any given day and are destined for nothing less than the top IIMs, earning them the position of being the source of inspiration for many. What do they do? The Dream Team members collaborate, share strategies, discuss mocks, help each other to sustain their performance and eventually conquer the CAT. How it is formed: You help select the entire team by submitting your nominations on this thread (Yes, do it now!). It is always appreciated if one doesn’t nominate himself/herself, but lets others nominate him/her.

PG UnderDogs Team

Who are they: While the Dream Team consists of people who have always been successful, UnderDogs Team consists of people who love taking up the challenge and winning it with the help of sheer determination, focus and hard work. UnderDogs believe that present circumstances merely determine where you start and not where you will end. What do they do? UnderDogs team has members who have the ‘Never Give Up’ attitude and carry the strong conviction that they may conquer the world despite all odds. Team Members synergise, learn from each other’s strengths, support each other during tough days and prop each other up to come up with flying colors in the CAT. How it is formed: You need to nominate yourself for UnderDogs Team if you believe you have the undying passion to succeed. Go ahead and nominate yourself on this thread.

Team Structure

Both teams will have one captain, one vice-captain, nine playing member, two reserves, a coach and a mentor. Coach and Mentors are generally students/alumni of the top b-schools of the country.

Deadline for submitting nominations

Please ensure that you submit the nominations for both Dream Team and UnderDogs Team by 11:59 pm, August 3, 2013. Do not miss the opportunity by being late with your nominations. Please do follow the rules and regulations mentioned in respective threads, while submitting the nominations.