Careers in Capital Markets : NISM

establishment of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in 1992 gave
a strong impetus to the capital markets in India. As the economy got
liberalized, Indian corporations began to expand their footprints nationally
and internationally. Global capital also began to flow into India. After the
initial hiccups witnessed in the first half of the 1990s, the Indian capital
markets began to flourish, and now offers a wide range of career options.

Capital markets
represent the best example of a collaboration between the practical and the
academic worlds.  It is the confluence of
Economics, Mathematics & Statistics, Accounting, Law and Computing, giving rise
to the following professions: Analysts, Fund Managers, Treasury Managers, Risk
Managers, Compliance Officers, Merchant Bankers and Stock Brokers, to name a
few. These careers open up in various types of organizations such as Credit
Rating Agencies, Analytic Research Firms, Stock Brokers, Mutual Funds, Banks,
Non-Banking Financial Companies, Investment Banks, etc.

capital markets are known as securities markets and are regulated by SEBI. Securities
markets encompass a wider area, and the coverage includes: equities, government
securities, corporate bonds, equity derivatives (index futures, stock futures,
stock options), exchange traded funds, currency derivatives and interest rate
derivatives, in an ever-expanding list. Investment and trading involve the use
of various instruments either singly or in a combination, based on the
philosophy and strategy.

Preparing for a
career in capital markets involves an upgrade in knowledge and skill sets. Knowledge
involves the application of the core concepts from Economics, Mathematics &
Statistics, Accounting, Law and Computing. Skill is imparted through intensive
practice through case studies, exercises, book reviews, film reviews,
simulations in the computer laboratory, seminars and field visits.

Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)
, an educational initiative by SEBI,
possesses the unique distinction of having a ringside view of securities
markets. With its state-of-the-art learning infrastructure and experience in
securities market education, research and training, NISM is ideally poised to
launch you into a career in securities markets.