About NISM

Institute of Securities Markets
(NISM) is an educational initiative by the
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Since 2009, NISM has been
enriching the Indian securities markets by providing over 400 professionals.

Since 2010,
there has been a realization that securities markets represent the confluence
of 5 disciplines: Economics, Mathematics & Statistics, Accounting, Law and
Computing. NISM has been quick to harness the application areas from each of
these disciplines to design the 1-year full-time Post Graduate Programme in
Securities Markets (PGPSM).

NISM is located
at Navi Mumbai, with a ringside view of the happenings in Mumbai, the financial
capital of India. It has access to expertise from the regulatory side: SEBI and
RBI. Top professionals from the two major stock exchanges: NSE and BSE
regularly visit NISM. Most of the fund houses in India promoted by banks,
brokerage firms, international fund houses and financial institutions, are
headquartered in Mumbai. Experts from other intermediaries such as credit
rating agencies, stock-broking firms and analytics firms also visit NISM

NISM has its
very own core faculty who are deeply engaged in research-based education and
training. At the cutting edge of the teaching-learning experience is the
Simulated Trading Laboratory (SMART) incorporating simulated trading based on
live market feeds from NSE. Also installed is a Bloomberg terminal and other
facilities to provide hands-own professional training. Case studies from
Harvard, electronic journals through Science Direct and a suite of other
databases such as CMIE Prowess, make learning an exciting experience at NISM.
The specialized library contains over 8,500 titles that are specially dedicated
to finance, handpicked by the faculty. A collection of financial market-related
films also enriches the learning experience. Besides, NISM is closely
integrated with industry and a student gets to interact with top-notch
professionals through over a dozen seminars and conferences, during the course
of 1 year.

Come, learn from
the experts, and get a ringside view of the Indian securities markets.