Career opportunities after joining as Bank PO

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What are the career opportunities after joining as Bank PO? I think we have had enough of comparisons. All those who have got multiple offers must have made up their mind based on their respective criteria. Let me say that competition has not ended with selection but it will only become intense in near future.

Let’s now discuss about possible course of action in future, for those who are going to join banks and want to remain in it. Here are my suggestions which many of you must be already aware of. If you want to add more points, please add in comments:

1. Prepare for JAIIB / CAIIB: After getting into bank, one may apply for membership of IIBF and appear first in JAIIB and then in CAIIB. These two exams can be considered a must for those who will continue in banks.

2. Prepare for RBI Grade B: This is the best entry level opportunity in banking in whatsoever terms. I won’t elaborate much on this because there is a separate thread for it.

3Prepare for MMGS II / MMGS III of other banks: For those who are joining PO after MBA, SBI conducts exam for direct recruitment of Special Management Executives (SME) in Scale 2 and 3.

For Scale 2, experience required is 2 years and for Scale 3, it is 5 years. Similar recruitments are done by SBH, Uco Bank and may be others but not on regular basis. One has to keep track of vacancy notifications.

Those who are not MBA should not lose heart. Many banks recruit Specialist Officers in Scale 2, 3 and 4 in Risk, Credit and other specialised streams. People with relevant experience can apply.

4. Vacancies in SEBI / DRT / Other banks on deputation basis: These institutions come up with vacancies on deputation basis, say for 3 years from time to time. BMB initially came up with vacancies for higher Scales on deputation basis which required experience in PSBs. Though irregular, but one has to keep track of such opportunities.

5. Prepare for exams like CFA / FRM / ACAMS: There are specialised exams for those who want to move into specialised career in finance or private financial firms (not necessarily banks) with high pay package. Kindly find out more about it on internet. The benefit of these exams is that you can prepare and appear while being in the job.

6. Switch to private banks after a few years / Appear in the promotion exams of bank your are in: Well, everyone knows pros and cons of it. you can make a choice.

I have not considered options like MBA, Civil Services and so on and stuck to opportunities related to banking only.


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  1. @Sahil652
    I am working as scale 1 officer in psb bank, have done jaiib and caiib, have only done graduation. I want to know whether I should go for cfa or frm? Are these qualifications any good for switching to high paying jobs. Just need career advice to improve payscale as promotion in PSB does not improve much
    June 2019