Outside a JEE Main 2017 centre in Mumbai
Photos by Purnangshu Paul

The first Sunday of April is no picnic for engineering aspirants across the country. This day brings both a storm and relief for these aspirants. It is because every year, the Maharaja of engineering entrance examination; Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is conducted on this day by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). JEE Main 2017 paper ended an hour ago, and PaGaLGuY spoke to candidates about their exam.

Vinay Kale, from Vashi, Mumbai said, “The exam went well, I solved 33 out of 90 questions. Mathematics was easy, and I found Physics to be tricky.

The situation was quite opposite for Vedangini. She said, “For me Physics was alright, but Mathematics was little difficult. To avoid negative marking, I attempted selective questions.”

Over 10 lakh candidates took the pen and paper-based JEE Main 2017 across the country.

An aspirant, Rahul Jethwa, did not prepare well for Chemistry, and said that will cost him his overall score. He did not join any coaching institute, and focused only on Mathematics, and Physics. Jethwa said, “Only a handful of questions were easy, most of them were tricky. I did not prepare well for Chemistry, so it was difficult for me.”

Another aspirant Bhavya, who did not join any coaching institute for JEE Main 2017, also found the Chemistry section difficult. He said, “It went good, I am expecting to score around 250. Mathematics and Physics were fine, but Chemistry was tricky.”

As aspirants and their parents prepare to leave for home, there was a feeling of joy on their face. It is one less thing to worry about for students taking class 12 board examination. Now students can finally get into the final lap for the most talked about engineering entrance examination JEE Advanced, through which they could secure a seat in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

Sarthak and Sushant Singh, two friends who luckily got the same JEE Main 2017 centre, were quite satisfied with their performance. Singh, said, “Paper was good, but this year Mathematics section was tricky, CBSE increased the difficulty level. I am hoping to score above 200.”

Singh added, “The heat bothered me a lot, I was sweating throughout the exam. The fan was slow, with no regulator to control it, and only one small window. I was sitting on the last bench, where even the fan’s breeze could not reach.”

Sarthak, said, “The paper was a bit lengthy. I did not manage the time properly, and could not give enough time to solve Maths questions. I solved about 60-65 out of 90 questions solved, and I hope to score between 150-160.”

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Inputs by Megha Mehta, and Purnangshu Paul

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