Candidates give it all; preparation strategy from experts for GATE 2017

Candidates are in the last phase of their preparations for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), 2017. With only ten days left for the exam, PaGaLGuY spoke to experts from Vidyalankar coaching, Mumbai, and they shared their branch-wise strategies for candidates.

Civil Engineering

The most helpful tip is to make short notes of each topic in five pages for the last two weeks’ revision. For last minute studies, students should revise his / her short notes. All subjects must be complied in not more than 100 pages. This is required because there are more than 5,000 formulas to remember. Almost 75% of GATE problems are based on these formulas only. Last 15 days must be kept only for revision (considering one day for one topic).

Electrical Engineering

Revise only important and difficult topics before the exam. Revision should start two weeks before GATE (even if all the topics are not covered) and the topics which carry lower weightage should be studied during the initial days and be finished off fast. Just before GATE, the topics which carry more weightage should be studied and more time should be spent on it. Mock tests should be taken during this time. The day before the exam should be spent only in revising important formulas.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Give full length mock tests from various coaching institutes in the last two weeks. One should also help relax the mind by not going for too many tests during this time. One or two tests may be taken to maintain the time management and experience of the exam situation only. More time should be spent on repeated qualitative revision of the topics. There is no point in stressing the mind unnecessarily by carrying out activities which are not going to be productive towards the ultimate goal.
 You may not solve anything in the last two – three days, which is perfectly fine. A last-minute strategy would be something where you just go through important formula and points. On the day of exam, stay confident and make sure you don’t write a paper under any pressure; that will help you make less errors.

Mechanical Engineering

It is expected that one just repeatedly revises these notes during the last two weeks/ten days leading up to the exam. As a result, the mind will be pre-occupied with preparation and recollection will be faster during the examination. One may go through solutions of some of the previous tests to keep afresh any tips and tricks developed while solving those tests. Also, as suggested earlier, one should not go for too many tests as this can hamper confidence and will also not allow the mind to be relaxed before the exam. Just 1 or 2 full length tests are sufficient.
 In a nutshell, have frequent revisions and allow the mind to relax so that recollection is faster and effective during the examination.

Computer Science Engineering

Ideal revision plan is to do enough practice, that you can recall concepts while reading a question. No need to study any new topics in the final weeks, rather focus on revising the concepts. Be ready with your examination admit card and know your centre before the exam day.

PaGaLGuY wishes the GATE community all the best.

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