Can We Manage Time at Job? No and Never!

A friend who had migrated to Canada two years ago, had visited me recently. In one of our conversation he told me “Mr. Gupta, life is very busy there with no time at all, we even have to prepare our one week supply of chapatis and store them”. I couldn’t respond in any other way but to laugh. I asked “Mr. Ajay, (not real name) “When you were in Jobs in Delhi, you used to work for 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, while your wife used to work more than 8 hours, that too 24×7, and to top it all she took care of your baby boy and still, you used to have fresh food all the time”.

Now, in contrast, you have the convenience of your home office in your Career and your wife works for 4 hours, as part timer. Your son is also grown up. Both of you work for 5 days a week then where does the time flies?” Apparently my friend did not answer, but I believed that I had given him something to think about and he later on thanked me for enlightening him to introspect as to what was wrong somewhere.

This is not a story of Ajay, only “Time Hi Nahin Milta” is a common statement in today’s world. While the fact is that TIME is an equally distributed quantifiable resource. Every person, rich or poor, successful or failure, young or old, has 24 hours a day. No More No less. A businessman who is managing internationally widened businesses is also managing all the business activities along with expansion and all other routine life activities in the same 24 hours, which a common man possesses. It is also visible that successful people are able to spare time for their entertainment and families as well.

Is it financial comfort or team, or some other factor, which multiplies the outcome of the time in few people’s life while masses always complaint of shortage of time? No, it is not. In real, it is the Art and Science of Time Management. How smartly you manage yourself within a specified time period that decides your performance? How intelligently you enhance the value of every moment of life that makes your life valuable? Time is highly perishable with no shelf life. It is being consumed.

What outcome of that particular moment you are able to derive, that decides your success. Time is irrecoverable, irreplaceable and irreparable resource; understand it to make best use of it before it slips away.

Unlike canals, if time is channelized in such a manner that utilization of every moment leads towards specified objectives and priorities are set and accomplished in the same manner, there is no scope of betrayal in whatever walk of life one practices. Failures can be converted into success. Low performance can be replaced by high performance. Stress can be won by happiness without exerting much effort or any record keeping of time management. Also, keep an eye upon the time stealers, especially unplanned, unorganized working and procrastination giving priority to urgent over the urgent and important, interpersonal conflicts and poor communication, unorganized phone calls or social networking, interruptions flexibility of time frame etc.

Time can never be managed, one has to manage himself/herself to get best of the time, which is equally distributed in a day but total quantity of time available to an individual, is only known to the Almighty.

Deepak Gupta

(Business Management Consultant & Speaker & HR Jobs In Delhi Firm)