Can we justify the bashing of politicians in our democracy?

What happened with Somnath Bharti is horrible, For a second, I thought that Modi won’t endorse this, but then I recalled his speech in which kejriwal was addressed as a Pakistani Agent, I was immediately convinced that his 56 inch chest would definitely grow by another couple after this. Such has been mindset of the Modified group of a certain Indian population, you can’t argue with them using logic because sooner or later you would be termed as anti Hindu or even anti Hindustan or as Giriraj Singh declares openly, a Pakistani. In a nutshell, the basic essence of having a healthy argument has surreptitiously disappeared. This when spoken in context of the pre-polling build up of general elections of the biggest global democracy sounds insane and authoritative.

This is heart breaking for a rational like me, more so because I have always voted for BJP till date(maybe because most of my postal ballots or EVMs had the viable option of Atalji or his selected lieutenants) and also because given the limited options the country is having neither Modi nor his followers needed this. What this does symbolize is that in spite of all the heart wrenching revelations by Amir Khan through Satyamev Jayate and numerous attempts by Government and media to educate us to cast our vote judiciously, we are set to be ruled by yet another government which thrives in politics of hate and endorses such acts gleefully.

Somnath Bharti incident coming from a land where a diabolique like Aazam Khan has belligerently and successfully contributed in formation of numerous governments by publicly flaunting his communal ludicracy and none of the so called Modi followers or even leaders have dared to dare him, also shows that being an Aam Aadmi should possibly limit the choice of words you use because there is another set of politically motivated and fanatically threatening set of Aam Aadmi around, who are ready to unleash their blazing wrath on you.