The Madhya Pradesh Government has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cambridge University. This step has been taken to improve the English language skills of the people residing in the state. In future, this will help the youths for the employability. To know more about Cambridge Assessment English, visit the official website,

Cambridge Assessment English has signed MOU with the Higher Education Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh as well as with many private universities of the state with the motive of increasing the employability of the youths with the help of English Language. The agreement was signed on 16th July 2019.

Under the agreement, CAE will provide support and resources throughout 11 districts and 32 private universities of the state. It will provide training for faculty, curriculum support and digital learning resources. Universities will be able to offer their students a range of tests and internationally recognised Cambridge English Qualifications like internationally recognised BEC Business English Certificates.

It is commendable that the Government of Madhya Pradesh has taken this step to improve the language skills of the people. English is the universal language and one of the keys for better employability across the country or globally. The CAE has been implemented earlier in two other states already, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh became the third in the list.

Mr Liam Vint, Deputy Director – Global Network, from Cambridge Assessment English explained they are delighted that universities in Madhya Pradesh are taking steps to implement international standards of English. And also mentioned that every CAE tests and qualifications are closely linked to the Common European Framework of Reference, known as the CEFR, which is the global standard for language assessment.

CAE has different focus in different states. It is helping the students of Gujarat in getting trained, whereas, in Chhattisgarh, it is helping in giving training to teachers in improving their English skills. Cambridge Assessment English is providing educational qualification in English language and training to five million people in 130 countries across the globe.

CAE is a non- teaching body of Cambridge University. It is responsible for increasing awareness in the English language across the world. It has 27 offices in 130 different countries. With growing competition in today’s era, the MP Government has taken an appropriate step to strengthen the youth’s career.

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