Burning The CAT: Because Burying Ain’t Enough

In the last few days, I have seen a number of candidates in despair. A number of articles have been churned out to vent out one’s frustration, hopelessness and despair which is clearly visible and spread throughout the CAT-centric sections of Pagalguy. It is to soothe my fellow comrades, who have lost this battle of the war, and to provide them inspiration and simple advice to move on, that this article is intended. It is my sincerest attempt to acknowledge on my own behalf the excruciating pain of being let down not by yourself but by the system and the environment.

I know the feeling too since I have been apparently proven far short on the brain power that IIMs are looking for. I have read each and every article with utmost solemnity; I have commented fiercely (GEMs have the most to complain about, right?), protested defiantly, and when all has been said and done, logged out silently.

Logging out brings you face to face with harsh realities of results and facts. Howsoever consoled, or not, you may be on Pagalguy, understand that the real world goes on, time moves on. While I mean no disrespect to anyone’s feelings, I insist that you move on to the next round of battle wherever the battle field maybe: CAT or Job. Because after all the complaining and agitation is done, one can do absolutely nothing but move on. Why? Because IIMs will surely move on with their process and into their new session. So, why waste time lamenting? Instead, strategize with smartness, prepare with vengeance and execute with ruthlessness. Why? Because while we may scream our lungs out against the wrongs of reservation or different manifestations of diversity or academic profile, in the end we all will either embrace the same terminally diseased yet immortal CAT and plead fairness to the same deaf IIMs or opt out with or without peace.

Finally, as I once told some utterly respected Puys that the world didn’t stop when there were no MBAs (and definitely not when there were no IIMs), I insist all of you again not to pay a moment of your life to the feline that doesn’t deserve it. The world continues, so do its inhabitants,so does the feline and so should we.

I’d like to end with a maxim: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So, burn the cat, keep the fire in your heart and promise to yourself that you will either butcher the CAT or find an even better way to prove your mettle to the world, which ever you find more appropriate. After all, it’s you who would matter not the CAT.

-A Puy preparing for the next battle.

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