O Captain!!!My Captain!!! Our trip is done the results were declared long back

Some have exultation in hearts while some are fully disheartened aching for those 140 minutes to come back..

But O captain,captain,captain..why are you deaf??why don’t you hear those questionable voices around??

They are asking about the methods,accusing them to be unfair and having doubt in your normalization

O Captain my captain!!!

How generous you are..

calling some true achievers of voyage, at 90, but rejecting those who scored very large

bringing smiles to many who scored 99 but pointing out at intelligence of so many who could not accomplish this task

But O father!our friend!our benefactor…

remember the kids are smarter today..

If you cannot let us cross the sea we will find our own way.

You left us dwindling when we score a 95

keeping us confused,to cheer or be alarmed,of those tantrums that we may face or rejections that we had to handle

O captain my captain..

Finally the ship has landed..

few 99+ reaching the shore

others still lingering in deep waters not knowing where to move their oars…

But my captain won’t answer

because for him the job is done..

now he has no will or obligation.for him the ship has landed without any glitches though he did not bother about transparency

O wait,wait,wait

My captain will return next year.

calling all to sail on this dubious voyage

where falling near the shore may sunk you..

So its better to prepare and then aboard……..

P.S. courtesy A poem by Walt Whitman(” O captain My captain)

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