Building a Successful Career @ Amity Lucknow : By Dr. Khushboo

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This quote is heard ‘n’ number of times but what it fails to teach is how to take the preliminary step. Your way to the top starts with creating a successful career plan. In order to navigate your way to success, it is necessary to construct a game plan. The problem with finding your way to the top is not how to get there; there is a long gestation period. Instead of going full-speed ahead and grabbing every job opportunity thrown at your way, it is suggested to slow down and take your time to figure out your long-term goal.

Following are some of the tips to Help You Start a Successful Game Plan:

1. Build Your
Building both your personal and
professional network can
help you freeze your game plan. The testimonials of people around you will
prove helpful in forging relationships with your employers. Whether you are
planning to continue with your current work or switching over to a different
industry altogether, the power of the connections you make will help you get to
where you want to be sooner.

2. Enhance Your
Skill Sets:
Work on improving
your existing skill sets or opt to learn new ones. Employers
will always look forward to what you bring in the firm
. Enhance your importance
in the market place by updating or adding new talents to your portfolio.

3. Appropriate
balance between Personal-Professional Relationships:
Promotion in the corporate world is
important but don’t let it affect personal life. Maintain a healthy balance between
your personal and professional responsibilities thereby never put the
relationships you’ve made in jeopardy.

4. Self-Realization- Understanding your own individuality
will give an uplift in fulfilling your successful career plan. For this you can
go for free personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Test, The Kiersey
Temperament sorter and the DISC profile. Each personality test is followed with
advice as to which career would suit your personality
. Understanding yourself
will help direct you in making a successful career plan that is aligned with your
personality trait.

5. Dream Big: Always dream big to achieve big
results. There will be disappointments, interruptions, and setbacks along the
way and distract you and that will result in your downfall. There is nothing
wrong in setting high goals
. Whenever you feel like you’re losing your focus
and getting distracted, look back at your dream goals to come back on your track.

6. Maintain a
Positive Attitude:
One of
the imperative keys in achieving a successful career is to have a positive
attitude. Attitude plays an important role in assisting in reaching to the top.
Hard work, high goals and positive attitude are important ingredients of a
successful career.
Maintaining a positive attitude will help you prevent you
from going into depression having feelings of helplessness when something goes

7. Wholeheartedness- Once you have set your career plan,
the final march is towards implementing it passionately. You should never give
up. Keep moving. Don’t let uncertainty hamper your decision
. Push forward,
continue with your vision and implement your strategy according to your plans.

The key to ensuring a
successful career depends on your commitment and dedication
. Following steps in
formulating a successful career plan will help you achieve your career goals more

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