Brand War

BRAND WAR Bibs & Times of India; 5th October 2013; Birla Academy


It was a novel experience to see the young MBA aspirants vie with one another in the Battle of Brands. The event was judged by five personalities from the Corporate and the cockpit became a place of contention, for the audience it was a visual and an audio treat. There was an impressive line of judges from The Times of India, JWT-Marketing ,RK Swamy;, Pepsico, and more……………….

Brand War was fought amongst five battalions! They were the WHITE VIPERS, RASPBERRY ANTS, ROYAL UNIICORN, GOLDEN PHOENIX and CREATIVE KIWIS. Barring Creative Kiwis the other four teams were all junior about two months. Each team had to present their product on stage , illustrate their market strategy to launch the product, show their hoardings a billboards, present a TV ad on Projector, a radio jingle performed live. At the end of each team’s performance the judges asked questions to the team. The teams were quick with their retorts.

The program started with Raspberry Ants presenting their product, the essence being, “flavor that empowers’, the Dabaang fruit juice! They were followed by ROYAL UNICORN who launched their unique corn chips, King Corn, yes even Yamaraj refused to go back to Yamalok after he had tasted KIG CORN! Next Golden Phoenix came up with their Beauty soap to de-tan, and hold your breath they promised their product would de-tan the nation of its corruption, injustice, and un-cleanliness! The soap priced at RS. 35/- was worth it then! Yum hum was what the Creative Kiwis launched, with their punch line, ‘Mummy gets yummy’, a baby cereal with honey and yoghurt. The last to present were the White Vipers, with their hair straightening shampoo, Impress.


In the glorious battle of brands five teams vied with one another and the stage turned into a cockpit, but sure it was a righteous war! As each team presented their products on stage, giving information about the product, with posters, billboards, TV ad through projector and Radio jingles performed live the whole auditorium turned out to be the place for launching of more than a thousand ships!

The five teams were, White Vipers with their hair straightening shampoo, Impress; Raspberry Ants with their Da-baang fruit juice; Royal unicorn with corn chips, King Corn; Golden Phoenix with their Beauty bar that knew no bar, as it promised to de-tan all that is obnoxious from society and from nation; Creative Kiwis came up with Yum Hum the honey –yoghurt, baby food, which makes mummy get yummy! Each team had to face questions from the very expert panel of impressive judges who too were five in number. They had questions like, ‘How do you get a tan?’ ‘What are you promoting, Dabang or your product?’ ‘ corn is cheaper than potato, your product is priced at Rs. 5/- 9 gms while Lays sell, Rs, 5/- for 12 gms?’ ‘MBBS cannot sell a product? The teams had their answers ready despite the weight of the questions, leave aside the weight of the products!

The poster said, ‘May the best Brand win’. King Corn emerged the winner. And the winner takes it all! Best brand?