BOSS: A Review

“Don’t fear, the Boss is here.” The tagline for the much anticipated Akshay movi Boss does fit with élan. Boss is an absolute treat if you are an Akshay fan, his antics, his brashness, his rowdiness, his sassiness, his rustic appeal, his brazen style and typical Punjabi-munda avatar is at its showcase best! Storyline packs a feeble punch, direction is average, music isn’t worth remembering, it would do good if leave your brains at home and come and enjoy this larger than life typical Akki flick!

The story begins with a flashback where the background of Akshay is portrayed beautifully amidst the picturesque Varanasi backdrop. A rowdy yet sensitive teenaged Akshay is shown who stands for for right and admonishes the wrong. But fate doesn’t seem to favour the lad as in various situations he is misunderstood as the culprit. One such incident labels him as a murderer and he gets disbanded by his father (essayed by Mithun). Broke, helpless, gutted he leaves Varanasi, but his soul never leaves his birthplace. He picks up his father’s towel as a remembrance and sets for an unknown journey.

Life moves on and one day “Big Boss”(essayed by Danny), a goon cum philanthropist spots him. On that fateful day, a near lethal attack is assailed on Big Boss and teenaged Akshay saves him from the jaws of death. This amazing act of valour earns him the title “Boss” and entitles him to be the successor of Big Boss’s empire. Akshay grows up to be a befitting successor to Big Boss and is respected by all and sundry. Noble values instilled, humble, down-to-earth yet rowdy, sassy, destructive is what Boss is. Meanwhile at Varanasi, a corrupt cop(essayed by Ronit) and a minister grow to power and troubles Mithun’s younger son(essayed by Shiv). He had bashed up the minister’s son for misbehaving with his lady love(essayed by Aditi) who happens to be Ronit’s sister and the minister’s would be daughter-in-law, forcefully though. Ronit and the minister had a barter deal, “make me ACP and your son gets to marry my sister” was the condition. Seeing this plan going haywire, Ronit illegally files five charges against Shiv and puts him behind the bars and tortures him. Mithun approaches humbly for bail but is thrown out of the police station ruthlessly. He is also made aware that Shiv will forever stay in jail, he(Ronit) will not kill him, but torture him day in, day out.

Helpless Mithun finds no option but to call his abandoned son to rescue his younger son from the ordeal. Boss enters with a much anticipated bang, storms in and rescues his beloved brother. Series of incidents happen in the aftermath and culminates with the end of Ronit and a family reunion.

An absolute entertainer, but only if you are the Man’s fan. If you are not, then better avoid it. Boss’ box office success won’t be stellar but nonetheless producers will never be at a loss.