Boarding Periyar Lake Boat Ride, Thekkady, Kerala (Part 2)

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…And I ran along with a secular nation of fat Punjabi boys, pretty Gujarati Aunties, rare white chicks and honestly, I was leading the chart by a fair margin. Suddenly, there were 2 routes before me and I did not know the route. I took the right turn for no particular reason and guess what, everyone following me followed me until Godman came and guided us to the right direction. Everyone including me had their “Oh Shit!” moment of the day.

Having no time to thank god, we let our body muscles twist and continued to run until the boat ticket counter arrived. Thanks to the presence of 1.3 billion people in our country which ensures that we take nothing for granted no matter how trivial, I felt proud standing first in line for a boat ticket.

A few minutes later, my wife arrived and surprisingly saw me standing at the first position next to a pole. She looked up in the sky, thanked someone invisible and immediately took her DSLR out and did the honors while I posed without a gold medal in my hand. She soon stumbled upon an Aunty’s question – “How did your husband come first?” As much as she wanted to utter a cheesy answer like “ I forcefully feed him Bournvita everyday ,” she simply laughed it off as if its Comedy central.

Half an hour passed, the ticket counter was still shut, seemed silently laughing at my face. Eventually, a small dark hand slid the small wooden window to the left and we saw a man similar in built as Dhanush in Raanjhnaa treading as slow as possible while yawning as wide as possible. He obviously did not appreciate such high momentum activity at this hour and given his built, there was no need either. We did the formalities and moved ahead to get the first look of the lake.

It was breathtaking!

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