BITS Pilani MBA Admission 2019: Start-Up Story of Bhomendra Singh Rathore

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”

            – Mark Twain

Bhomendra Singh Rathore
BITS Pilani (MBA 2018-20)
Founder (BHÓMYN)


It is these words which have always intrigued me to find out the very thing which my real self has always strived for, the work which never seems work and is aligned with my ambitions.Studying electronics engineering to studying psychology to post graduate level during UPSC stint days and now pursuing MBA from BITS, Pilani. All these streams which seem so diverse, have provided me equally precise objectivity and understanding of myself.


It was while working in the Jodhpur solid wood furniture and handicraft industry, I realised the enormous potential and identified the sector’s hitherto untouched and largely unorganised culture and work.This newly generated interest compelled me to research extensively in the field of traditional arts and crafts of India.


Once I gained a substantial amount of research and data on hand, it was time for some SWOT analysis.MBA provided me industry linkage and contacts, which I never thought of could have been mentoring me at such an early ideation stage. And it is the knowledge and understanding of the field which got some industry leaders as mentors and interested collaborators and our first project, which made my idea and determination concrete, to pursue my career into the very field of INDIAN TRADITIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS.


And the birth of BHÓMYN took place, where we provide all the Indian arts and crafts under a single hub under a brand which eases you of the skepticism of originality, authenticity and genuinity which hovers around any traditional arts and crafts item you buy from anywhere in the country or abroad, of it being original or not, irrespective of the pricing and amount paid.


Lastly, from a service class background to a businessman, from an engineer to a civil services aspirant to a MBA candidate to an entrepreneur, the journey has been amazing and has just started. Hope to see ourselves grow along with the future visionaries of growth, inclusivity and businesses for the better good of humanity.