Bas karma kar fal ki chinta mat kar

We have heard so many failure stories of people all around the world. Amitabh bacchan who was rejected at ALL INDIA RADIO or ALBERT EINSTEIN who was not able to speak and was told by his teachers that he will never able to do anything.There are so many examples – oprah winfrey or beatles or michael jordan or walt disney or edison. The day on which we start learning from our failure is the day when we are back to square one. How beautifully Edison had said, “I have not failed but I have been successful that in how many ways bulb cannot be made.”

I am representing that part of the country which gets frustrated very easily-youth. The problem with some of us is we are an engineer and lots of engineers feel that why they are engineers? In fact the problem with lots of the students in the worlds largest democratic is that the children have never been able to be democratic and follow their dreams. My parents have supported me but as a child I saw all my sisters and cousins becoming engineers and doctors that I had a pre-notion to join engineering.The problem doesn’t stop here because we all feel that we have been at wrong place doing wrong job. Frm, past 1 month I was thinking the same thing that wht I have been doing to my life and now I need to get into B schools that I never thought. Obviously no management institute is bad because“it does nt matter whether you are at the top of the crust or bottom unless you are in the crust”, but it certainly takes time to come again on the track.

I felt that how selfish we all are?

How mean are we?

The problem with the world begun on that very day when the term Homo sapiens turned into human being and that was when all that civilized melo-drama came into our life which in fact brought this desire to excel and strive ahead. It is rightly said ,“Man is a bundle of Desires”. There is a vicious circle which moves around our life. A guy walking with bare legs on grass sees a person ahead walking with shoes, the guy with shoes feels jealous of the one on cycle. The person on cycle sees a person on motorcycle and thinks,”How easily he can travel without any hard work.” The one on motorcycle sees the one in car and feels jealous that he has an AC car. The one driving car in traffic sees helicopter envies of the one in helicopter. Finally, the one in helicopter gives a look on land and feels that how care-free the guy is walking on grass enjoying the nature.

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