ATS arrests one techie and two others for anti-national activities

ATS nabs one JEE techie and two others in illegal international call racket

The Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh (UP) arrested Gulshan Sen, Shivendra Mishra and Shyam Babu in New Delhi. According to ATS the trio were providing sensitive information to groups outside India  thus compromising national security.
An ATS UP report said,“ATS arrested Sen, Mishra, and Babu from a JEE coaching centre; FIIT JEE in New Delhi on January 25, 2017, after the squad was tipped off for the trio’s anti-national activities.”

While Sen was the technical head at FIIT JEE centre, but the job descriptions of other two are yet not known. PaGaLGuY spoke to senior official at the FIIT JEE Punjabi Bagh centre, and could confirm only Sen’s job profile. 

Primary investigation by ATS UP has revealed that they were involved in establishing dubious telephone exchange to share country’s vital and secret information within and outside India.The trio was nabbed from a regional FIIT JEE center in New Delhi, RL Trikha, Director, FIIT JEE, said, “I have been recently discharged from a hospital after a Spine surgery. Since, I have not resumed work, I am unaware of it.”

ATS have investigated the case for a week now, and recent inquiry has confirmed that Sen and his men used sophisticated equipment with more than 79 prepaid sim cards to make international calls rendering sensitive information.

“Sen concealed these equipment in different rooms of FIIT JEE, Punjabi Bagh centre. He used different servers to make international calls and thus making the calls impossible to trace,” said an ATS UP report. 

After investigation conducted on February 2, 2017, Asim Arun, Inspector General, ATS UP, said, “We searched Sen’s house in Mehrauli area of New Delhi, from where he used to control internet calls at different places. We confiscated communication towers, computers, and telecom instruments.”

Arun continued, “After scrutinizing Sen’s bank details we found out that he spent lakhs of rupees on high internet bandwidth, and also provided internet connection to accomplice in other parts of the country. Sen also started a company called ‘Cyber Jaguar‘ to sell data services. His team would provide internet to various others under the company’s name.”

ATS from UP is working with cyber experts, and central agencies to investigate further.
ATS is now investigating Sen’s digital footprints in order to trace other possible location of accomplices around the country.

Arun added, “Sen, Mishra, and Babu also called military officials posted in Jammu and Kashmir posing as senior Indian Army Officers in order to source defence secrets from them.”