Arvind Kejriwal’s Jocular Inference

Aam Aadmi Party’s leader Arvind Kejriwal recently visited Gujarat. In a public speech, after his trip, he said that, Narendra Modi’s government has confiscated land from farmers and has paid them very negligible amount, which otherwise could have been sold at 50 lakh or more by the farmers. I believe, IIT graduate Arvind Kejriwal do not know the fact that any agricultural and non-agricultural land in the nation have a fixed government quoted rate. The legal buying and selling of land occurs at this rate. The ’50 lakh’ and so prices offered are by the builders and other similar business people. If Arvind Kejriwal argues that Gujarat government should have payed farmers 50 lakh an acre or so, he is in fact asking government to involve in illicit activity by paying farmers more then the government quoted value. Funny na? Arvind Kejriwal didn’t see development in Gujarat. I guess he would have forgot his specs at the Delhi’s CM bunglow (he still hasn’t moved out of the bunglow. wowe!). In his trip, Arvind Kejriwal met some individuals and infers that Gujarat has not developed. Of course man, you will still see some flaws. Gujarat is not a developed state. Its developing. From what it was 12 years ago, Gujarat has came a long way. Make a survey of people of Gujarat and 90% would acquiesce the fact that Gujarat has developed.
Anyways, no one should forget that Arvind Kejriwal is the man who has broken the trust of Delhi people. Delhi wanted to see a change, a revolution. This is the only reason why they voted AAP. They believed that this party would do something. It will bring an innovation. It will bring true democracy. It was too late when they realized how big a blunder they have committed. Arvind Kejriwal said he will bring lokpal bill, he will fight for it till his last breath. Once, he doesn’t get support in parliament and he quits. A standing ovation for your determination Arvindji . LOL! Itni jaldi har man li? Bas baate karne main expert ho. 50 din bhi nahi lad sake aur ab desh chalana hai.
P.S. A man who could not govern Delhi for 50 days questioning the man who has successfully governed Gujarat for 12 years in itself is jocular.