An open letter to CAT


Ditched CAT aspirant

Out of the world



C/O The holy ‘IIMS’

Also C/O The holiest hole ‘Prometric’



I’m writing this letter to you in regard of this year’s CAT results. As you are already aware, this year’s CAT result had ‘no’ discrepancies at all. Everyone who got the result was overjoyed and had an ‘Orbit’ smirk across their face. Mr.CAT you are a ”(Big deal in Malayalam). From the day you changed to this form of a month long test window with normalization (guaranteed) you’ve been mind blowing and sensational. But CAT, this recognition cannot be limited to just your furs, Prometric was your chauffeur. The main reason or the question I would like to plot here is why do you want this mess of running a ‘Holy’ test for one-full-month? Can’t it be a simple Paper-Pen exam? Or is it because using a computer throughout one’s career, right from the day of CAT till the day he passes out of an IIM makes him any better? I honestly don’t know. If XAT can do it in one day, if SNAP can do it in one day, why not you, Smelly CAT? Now don’t chatter your dirty teeth saying we have more applicants. Nothing is impossible, baba. The reason why we hate your ‘elevated butt’ is your ‘transparent’ theory between ‘Raw Score’ and ‘Scaled Score’ and ‘whatever’. In addition to all these ‘Babaji ka thullu’, you call it Normalization. Oh please, smelly CAT! Now go clean up. This is our career for god’s sake!

Thank you.