The Skywalk

The biggest dream of any ambler is to find a path so peaceful that he can tread there leisurely. I, being an ambler, seldom find such places. But this weekend, when I went to Bandra Kurla Complex(BKC), the sky-walk from Bandra station to BKC won my charm.

The Sky-walk from Bandra station to BKC is not like any garden or joggers’ park, where people come specially to walk, but it’s a specialised route which provides people with a dedicated walking way towards various zones of Bandra east. People use the sky-walk mostly to go to IOCL and ONGC office located in Bandra and rarely anyone uses it to go till BKC. The main reason behind it is that it takes 20-25 minutes to reach BKC. I, on the other hand, prefer walking if it’s not too long to go.

Last Sunday, I was supposed to go to a seminar in BKC. I reached Bandra at 10AM and I decided to take the sky-walk to reach BKC. Initially, when I looked at its length, I felt it’s going to be a tiresome walk. But tiredness never matters to an ambler. So, I started walking.

In the initial phase of a sky-walk, I saw slums of Bandra beneath the sky-walk. The sight was morbid. The people were excreting on the open tracks and garbage was spilled all over the place. The dirty green water besides the slum and the fouls smell arising from it made the scene even worse.

As I walked ahead, the vision of all the bleakness got transformed to peaceful aura of a building surrounded by lush-green trees. It was ONGC’s Vasudhara Bhavan office. The soothing breeze and the eye pacifying greenery truly justifies this name.

After treading a few steps ahead, I found myself above highly pacing vehicles which were running as a flock of birds flying towards their destination. It was the Western Express Highway above which I was standing.

Apart from all the beautiful and not so beautiful views, I also experienced how the sky-walk provides as an amusing object for children. The children – attended by their parents – were skidding purposely on the smooth floor of the sky-walk as they found it very amusing.

Being an intense walker, having a walk like this which provided me not only with the different views of the same society we live in but also made me realise how quickly life can change from gloom to excitement, was really one of the best experiences of my life.