An experience of a life time

There are very few things in life that leaves a lasting impression . One of those things is XL-IIM C inter B-school meet. A contingent of atleast 200 students usually travel with their home team to the location of the event. The event is essentially played on a home and away basis i.e . on one year it is played in Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and in the next year it is played in XLRI jamshedpur. Around 17 sports events usually are included in the meet (the number may increase or decrease based on organizing teams discretion and availability of equipment and location ). The meet I had the privilege of being a proud spectator of was held in jamshedpur during jan 25 and 26 , 2014 which XLRI won 10-7 . XLRI is India’s oldest management institute established in 1949 while Indian Institute of Management Calcutta was the oldest IIM established by government of india in 1963.

To explore the source of the cult status of this particular event one has to delve deep into history. Both XLRI and IIM C touted as India’s finest institutions often competed for the number uno status of eastern india for the better part of the last 50 years and have hence often run into each other in various competitions giving more of a strong Indo- pak feeling to most of its followers . No side wants to lose to its arch rival . But beneath this intense competition and “fight for honor” all this one thing often gets unnoticed , the strong relationships that students of both these colleges share. It goes without saying there are multiple boys of XLRI who have their girl friends in IIM C and there are multiple boys of IIMC who have their love interest in XLRI. Now this makes the event further more emotional .

Far away from the world of case studies and classroom DCP this event for the first time opens up real world infront of both schools , patriotism is drummed up as every smash from home side lands in arch rivals arena earning that one point taking the home side closer to the victory podium.For every win there are thousands of enthusiastic clapping for the home side and for every loss the archrivals jump with all the ammunition drums to try to equal the home side and infact even better it. All the taunts for each mistake be it chess,tennis ,cricket,football ,basketball anything brings out the very best from each and every player who at times seem to play for their lives and not just their college or a sports meet. Players from both sides practice year long for this particular “meet” which shall secure their moment of glory in the hearts and minds of their mates for all times to come apart from securing themselves a place in history for all future meets to come. So finishing the XL way. “1 2 3 4 IIM C ki …. …”:):)