Along came the interviews

Disclaimer: I am one of the co-founders of MyNewsStudio.

Did you just qualify for CAT and get a call from the top B-schools for interview? Unless you are an absolute bibliophile chances are you are nervous about the upcoming group discussion (GD), personal interview (PI) and writing ability test (WAT). How to prepare for general awareness based tests where nothing is “out of syllabus”? As it is recommended to read as much as possible- you subscribe to The Economic Times and The Hindu and still you feel unprepared for bizarre topics like international business. You try your best to browse through as many websites and blogs as possible but with 30 tabs open in your browser you get distracted and eventually find yourself watching funny videos on YouTube! With just a few days left you do not have enough time and get frustrated. You wish you could make up for all the lost time and learn everything in just 2 weeks – just like Neo learning Kung Fu in 2 minutes in The Matrix! MyNewsStudio is your Morpheus!

We can get you ready to fight against the information overload and be ready to fight the best in 2 weeks. We use neurocognitive science research and a clutter free user interface to help you rapidly learn and retain all the knowledge and training you will need to crack the upcoming rounds of GDs, PIs and WATs.

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