Alumni Spotlight: Meet Smiti Mohan, Class of 2014

By now you may be wondering what MISB can do for you. While there’s no
way to know exactly how the PGPB can change your life, there are plenty of
people who can tell you how it changed theirs. We’re talking about our growing
body of illustrious alumni.

We’re pleased to be debuting a new series here at the MISB blog: the Alumni
Spotlight series,
in which we invite alumni to share their thoughts on what MISB means to them.

We’re kicking things off by talking with Smiti Mohan, a member of our
inaugural graduating class and currently a consultant with Hector & Streak
Consulting Private Limited.

The Route to the PGPB

Smiti became a part of the MISB community in 2011 after considering MBA
programs in Europe, Dubai and India. Initially drawn by SDA Bocconi’s repute
and high rankings, she was further intrigued by the launch of its first
international campus. She explains, “It offered the best of both worlds: I got
to learn about the global best practices while applying it in the ever dynamic
and vibrant Indian context.”

When asked what prospective MBA students should look for when choosing a
program, Smiti puts four things above all else: the school pedigree
internationally, quality of alumni network, exposure to international
corporates, and faculty profiles. She found each of these and more during her
PGPB days.

Finding a Home at MISB

Looking back on her PGPB days Smiti says, “MISB is home to me. The
marketeer in me always associates the best brands to feelings, and home is the
feeling I have when I hear the name MISB. Why? Because even though it’s been a
year since I walked out of those gates a graduate, MISB welcomes me with open
arms every single time I go back, like my family would.” Smiti also values the
strong friendships made during the program – friends, she says, who continue to
support each other in extraordinary ways, both personally and professionally.

Embracing a Bright Future

After multiple offers through MISB’s campus placements, Smiti chose to
pursue a career in HR consulting, where she has committed herself to learning
everything she can about the business, its clients, and the industry at large.
She credits MISB with significantly altering her work process – particularly
the extensive soft skills learned, practiced and honed at the international

Smiti also cites keener insights into the client’s business environment
through understanding of key business performance variables and improved
conflict management skills as big takeaways from the PGPB experience. She says,
“I think MISB taught me not only to wear but also walk around in the manager’s
shoes comfortably.”

Today, Smiti takes great pride in being part of the PGPB-1 legacy. “When
I look back,” she concludes, “I know I will never be the same individual I was
when I first walked through those gates. This is what MISB does to you. It
makes you stand with your head held high; proud of your accomplishments, sure
of what you’ve learnt, ready to take on whatever life throws at you because of
all these people who have your back.”

If you have any queries or questions about PGPB and Life at MISB
Bocconi, please write to Smiti Mohan at [email protected]