Allen’s 18 students selected in Final round of IIT-Kanpur’s ‘Techkriti’ Championship

was started in 1995. But in 2016, for the first time, students of class 9th to 12th  will be allowed to participate in Techkriti .

the annual technical and enterpreneur festival of IIT-Kanpur will be held from March 3 to March 6  2016. Competitions in various fields such as
Robotics, Electronics, Business, Design, Coding, Aero-modelling, Online events
(Crypto, Stocksim etc.) as well as Rubik’s Cube are conducted.

Round 1 is a written exam judging students’ Aptitude and
General Awareness. Based on this test, 1000 students were asked to submit
(online) the abstract of the project for Round 2.In the final round, 100
selected students will give a presentation about their abstract at IIT Kanpur. The students were divided into two groups. Group A had
students of class 9th and
10th , while students of Class 11th and 12th were in Group B for each round.

Gupta, head of PNCF division of Allen Career Institute of Kota, informed
PaGaLGuY that 18 of their students have been selected for the final round of
Techkriti to be held on 10 January 2016.

The mission of the competition is to strengthen and cultivate
talent in the nation’s schools at the grassroot levels and to
build significant experience and knowledge in the students. This
is done through
a series of events involving mental aptitude, logic, and scrutiny which seeks
to provide school students a platform to build fundamental experience and
knowledge, to exercise co-ordination skills, and to think out of the box while
providing solutions to practical problems.