About a girl, Halley’s Comet and why The World is a very small place to live in…

In 2003, I met a girl. As it happens in those mid-teens, I saw her, and here I was in love, once again. Unfortunately, after few weeks, she left the tuition centre where we both came. :'(

In my hometown, one of my cousins of my age lived near our home. Going by the academic standards, he was among the toppers, and me an average student. He was sure to make it to IITs; although more than him, my family was sure about that. We both ended up in the same college.

First day of my college, and I see the same girl. I was shocked. She asks me, “Are you in the same college?”, and I say yes. The balloon of hope starts rising up again. ?

One week into the college, I see this girl and my cousin, together, at a place and time, which was surely not right. I never talked to her again, at least in the first year. ?

The girl right now works in my office, is engaged to my brother, and yes, I do talk to her. ?

Coincidences, coincidences, and coincidences.

Two people born on the same day. Dreams turning into realities as you wake up. You meeting the same person on the local train. The urban legends of Lincoln and Kennedy.

The Inevitable has sprinkled our lives with serendipity. These seemingly unrelated events are either guided by some supernatural force; or our actions, which are beyond our understanding.

Maths has simplified whole phenomenon of coincidences, better known as Synchronicity, in one simple equation:

f(x) = g(x)

where, f and g are the two events, and x can be time, an event, a person or even a Comet.

Mark Twain was born in in 1835, when Halley’s Comet was nearest to Earth. When Halley’s Comet made its next appearance in 1910, he died. When it comes to Halley’s Comet, there are dozens of these coincidence stories, relating to births, deaths, political turmoils and natural calamities.

Cambridge even started a decade long study on this simple equation after one of their professor’s gave the Littlewood’s Law, which states:

“An individual can expect to experience miracles at the rate of about one per month.”

If we look around us we will find more coincidences, of varying degrees, than we ever expected. Do things you have never done. Observe patterns that you thought never existed. Believe to the degree that this article that you are reading is improving India’s GDP. The World is a smaller place than our minds. Believe !!

After all we are all born to be happy-go-lucky.