A year of placing 1000 student managers


Sri Balaji Society (SBS), Pune means quality and commitment to the students community. We believe that each and every student has the potential to be groomed to have a successful corporate career. Converting the right candidates to the right jobs through right training and development has always been the goal of our society. And we are satisfied to state that we have achieved the same to a larger extent as can be seen from the Track-Record of campus placements of our management institutes.

We are proud to state that, within an existence of 14 years Sri Balaji Society is known not only for the best infrastructure but also for the best faculties. Sri Balaji Society is already ranked as one amongst top Three for ‘visiting faculties’ in India by ‘Business India’ dated 17th Oct. 2010, which means active involvement of corporate stalwarts in imparting instructions and practical exposure to students about the industry. The same prestigious business magazine has also ranked Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), formerly known as Indian Institute of Modern Management (IIMM) – the first B-School of Sri Balaji Society, as one amongst the Top five B-Schools for ‘Marketing’ specialisation in the country. BIMM is also ranked as one amongst the top 13 private B-schools in the country, top 28 B-schools in the country and one amongst top 2 B-school in Pune by Outlook magazine dated 1st Oct. 2012.


Dr. (Col) A. Balasubramanian

Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management (BITM), Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB) & Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development (BIMHRD) are also one amongst the best B-Schools ranked (A++) by ‘Business India’ in the country and enjoys very good campus placements. All these four institutes viz. BIMM, BITM, BIIB and BIMHRD are approved by AICTE. The excellent faculties, conducive environment, good infrastructure and stimulating atmosphere in our campus enable students to dream and work hard to achieve their goals. It should be noted that being creative, experimenting and unconventional B-Schools, we keep on updating our course-curriculum and this has increased the work-load of our students. We treat time as the most precious resource. We dont believe in the concept of holidays as two-years is a short period to impart all the skills and knowledge competencies.


We have a common prospectus for all the four management institutes of SBS, because everything is common in SBS. Common culture, common grooming, common training methods, common examinations and common facilities which ultimately ensures that the quality standards in all the institutes are maintained at par and no one is in a disadvantageous position. The unity-in-diversity approach is helping us in a big way. The students are the biggest beneficiaries as is seen in the real test i.e , in the campus placements season. Most of the companies are seeing the students of all the four institutes who fulfill the qualitative requirements. Only a few of the companies are visiting particular institutes of Sri Balaji Society. These couple of companies, about 10 or so, too is being apprised to see all the institutes.


We accept CAT/MAT/CMAT scores. We dont believe in cut off score as we feel that Sri Balaji Society Model of selection has proved the test of time as it covers all the requisites including personality and other relevant factors. We give due weightage to all these relevant factors. This can be seen from the track record of our campus placements. Our selection process, in the selection centres involves Group Discussions, Essay Writing and Personal Interviews. It may be mentioned here that, IIMs are not involved in our selection or grooming methods.

Discipline, Dedication and Determination are our Core-Values. SBS is run on the lines of an industry and rules and regulations are considered supreme. Therefore, you are requested to go through the instructions published in this prospectus and to make your choice. We can assure you that your admission in any of our B-schools would mean the right step to ultimately land up in corporate careers.


The author is Dr. (Col) A. Balasubramanian, who is Executive Director, BIMM & Dean BITM, BIIB and BIMHRD, Chairman Campus Placement, President, Sri Balaji Society.

Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it is upto the readers to research and verify the claims and judgements in the article before reaching a conclusion