A year of investment that changed my life

My decision to join SOIL was quick and the stakes were high. A year of investment which changed my life forever and ever would be the best way to describe my experience at SOIL. From the Induction to Convocation day, every single event at SOIL is very different. If I have to just talk about five things which make SOIL what it is, then it would be the Admission Process, World Class Faculty and Curriculum, Social Innovation Program, Industry Consortium and Leadership Series.

The Admission Process which is primarily based on a psychometric test is an experience in itself. Till date the results surprise me. The students are taken in based on the Leadership and Emotional Quotient. The course also encourages overcoming the gaps through an Individual Learning Program which lets you work on your development areas and is reviewed periodically.

The curriculum is the most updated one. It is designed in consultation with Industry in order to make sure that the most employable MBA graduates are out of SOIL and they are productive from Day 1 in the jobs. The curriculum becomes even more interesting in the way it is taught and by whom it is taught. The best leaders from around the world are approached by SOIL to take courses like Mr. Saji Nair (IIM Lucknow) and Mr. Chiranjeev Kohli (University of California State University, Fullerton). Multiple Intelligence’s, Role Plays, Theatre and Case Studies are given preference over the usual modes of teaching.

The Social Innovation Program gives you an opportunity to work for the people at the bottom of the pyramid. On the one hand, you have Action Learning Projects which encourage students to apply theory to practical and on the other hand, project like these are an opportunity to do something for the society. Moreover, it also encourages you to find out ways to do more with much less resources. My project to work for the empowerment of women in Mewat District was an eye-opener and a great learning experience.

The Industry Consortium is formed by 32 big names in India. They are consulted in various activities at SOIL and prepare students to face the corporate world. Big names like TATA Steel, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank are of great help in arranging mock interviews, leadership series and recruitment drives.

The Leadership Series which act like a breather after a hectic day at SOIL constantly inspires you to be on your toes, keep reminding of why you came to SOIL in the first place and most importantly keep you motivated. Industry leader like Niren Choudhary (CEO- Yum Foods) have time and again been key speaker.

From then to now, every passing day, my belief in SOIL has only grown stronger and my bonding with it, deeper. My experiences made me fall in love with the Management Program. To be honest, the hectic schedule, the endless presentations, the case studies and the course packs were never seen as a burden because there has always been a great joy in learning and experimenting. Examinations where applications and real life examples are given precedence over jargons and text book answers then you really don’t have to worry about writing an exam and the grades. It all just happens and you just end up doing the best.

In retrospect, it all weaves into a beautiful one year and an exciting journey which made me learn and was a stepping stone to my destination of making a mark. Every one dreams of the IIM’s and so had I, but I am proud SOILite and acknowledge that I got no less exposure or opportunities from SOIL. Every single experience at SOIL has made me to what I am today. May be SOIL was just another chapter in my life, but it was surely the best one.

In short, a journey which began with little knowing how it would unfold, folded in perhaps the most wonderful way…!!