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Beside all the classroom lectures, VITBS has got these exclusive business events like INVICTUS and  VITMAA. It was truly in these events where I developed and inculcated a lot of management and leadership skills.

Invictus 2018 was truly blissful for me, I should be so privileged for organising the BEST CEO event of invictus along with few of my friends, we were a group of 4. It was the event, where students from various colleges participated. The event had three rounds to find out who can be the capable CEO. The first round was “GUESS THE CEO’S”, the second round was the case analysis where we tested the student’s ability in facing a situation and finally it was testing their interpersonal and communication skills.

VITMAA is the VIT MANAGEMENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, this event happens every year and it’s not only associating all the alumni members but this event has been a platform for many students for showcasing their skills. I enhanced and developed my anchoring skills during VITMAA.

VITMAA has two sections, one is the formal part where the alumni share their experience, sometimes alumni’s they have also helped the current batches with their career planning.

The second part is the cultural event where students showcase their extracurricular skills.

From participating in the events to conducting an event VITBS truly moulded me.


Vaishnavi V : BBA Aspirant (VITB.S)

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