A Letter to the CAT conveyor

Dear Sir,

My name is XYZ. I wish to tell you something. Sir, I have fought tooth and nail as an aspirant to seek admissions at one of the most elite group of institutions in the country. I have worked really hard and gave everything I could to excel in CAT. However, all I got was a shockingly dismal result!

As much as I accept it as a failure on my part that I did not do well as what the result says, I do feel that your elite institutes, which I regarded in such high honours in excellence and in wisdom, failed to give me the right justice. I’ll tell you how. Suppose I decide to test someone in an exam and I do not tell him/her which questions he/she answered correctly and which questions he/she didn’t! Further, I make his/her paper go through an esoteric process and just give him/her ‘some numbers’ as a final result. If I receive a complaint about the score all I do is give him/her a ‘Standardized answer’ instead of solving his/her query… You think that would be a right thing to do Sir? That’s exactly how CAT has become… Unfortunately!

From people discussing answers on social forums to your opaque statistical process called ‘Normalization’; you may or may not admit it Sir but you do know that somewhere in the line the whole process got diluted in a way… The truth is in a race to give a ‘Globalized avatar’, the day it moved online, CAT lost much of its credibility. Fortunately, The IIMs didn’t… But now they might.

When anyone asks you for transparency and the raw score all he/she gets is a standard diplomatic answer that “All have been done to ensure equality… and so on and so forth…” these are very similar to the answers given by our honourable Prime Minister to shroud accountability.

Sir, as a professor from such an elite institute, don’t you think the students who give so much to this ‘Exam’ deserve better…?

Sir, don’t you think they deserve to know the numbers behind those obscure Matrices by Which their future is judged?

If So… Please give them justice…for that is all they are asking. Give them the questions they faced in their respective slots… Give them the answer key to each of those questions they attempted and the ‘Statistical Weight’ of each question or the ‘Slot’ and then how his/her slot was compared vis-a-vis other slots. Give them those numbers… Let them know you are in the right. Let them know you are still the guardians of Excellence and Justice… Give them hope…

That is all I wanted to say Sir.

Thanking you for your Patience.