National Institute of Technology(NIT) Uttarakhand, is currently functioning from a transit campus in Khallu. It was expected to relocate to a permanent campus by the year 2017. However, given the list of issues posing the institute, construction for the permanent campus will begin only in 2017. The completion of work is expected to take another 3 to 4 years. 

NIT Uttarakhand is among the new NITs sanctioned by the Government of India in the year 2009, as a part of the Eleventh Five Year Plan. The institute had started functioning out of a transit campus in the year 2010. Unfortunately for this institution, hurdles after hurdles have been blocking the beginning of construction of the new campus. 

The major issue faced by the institute was the land allocated for the new campus in Sumari, Srinagar Garhwal region. It is a part of Uttarakhand’s forest area. NIT Uttarakhand had a difficult time in getting a clearance to cut down the trees spread over the allotted 385 acres of land. “We finally received the clearance a few months ago. Besides signing an undertaking with the state authorities to replant the trees, we have also deposited an amount of Rs 1,50,000 as surety,” said Col. Sukhpal Singh, Registrar of NIT Uttarakhand.

The tree clearing process which has just begun, will then give way to the soil testing and rock assessment processes, all of which will again require a clearance by Government Officials. NIT Uttarakhand expects even further delays in its construction plans. “Given that this is a hilly terrain, these tests are of great importance. Once all these approvals are obtained, further plans will be implemented.” added Col. Singh.

The only bit of construction at the permanent campus site is the fence that demarcates the boundary of the assigned land from the rest. So far this is just the first step that has been cleared by NIT Uttarakhand. They have a long way to go until the permanent campus is fully operational. 

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