5 Reasons to go for next shot.

This is the season of results and reckoning. Excellent ones make it to their dream B-schools but not everyone is blessed to get a satisfactory score. This encourages them to make one of the biggest mistakes that one could do in their life i.e. settling down/compromising with the level that one deserves. Here are some reasons to try next time rather than settling down with an inferior option.

1. Permanent Tag: MBA is not just any degree, it becomes a part of your identity. Once you get that degree, the school becomes your alma mater and your second identity after your name. It is just because it is a very prestigious programme and you do not want to be associated with a name you dont deserve for the rest of your life. A lot of top management executives are identified with the name of the school they attended and it is their pride possession even after being corporate executives. Also, you will become its alumnus for lifetime and it is not an option after you graduate. So, choose you tag carefully.

2. Guilt of Lifetime: While finalizing an undeserving B-school one may not feel that it is actually a problem because at that moment one tends to see only the positives of that school and convince themselves that it is the right decision to make. But as soon as they graduate and get an undeserving position they realize that they may have made a wrong choice. Finally, it results to a guilt of lifetime. This guilt will always be with you unless you become complete believer in fate and luck.

3. Waiting Pays off: Most of the time waiting for the right time pays off well. Most of the candidates who choose to wait for next time go for gaining work experience, coachings, profile improvement, exploring alternatives, etc. It gives them a clear view on their desired positions and paths. A quality B-school always welcomes candidates who have clearer view on their dreams. It results in higher chances of getting desired school or sometimes even better.

4. Better than Falling Prey: Anytime, it is better option to attempt once more than becoming a customer of those shops which are open to almost anyone who have just enough money to pay them. In long run, you will get no recognition and most probably you will end up in a position which you could have easily scored just after graduation. Sincere suggestion, DON’T do it just for being an “MBA”.

5. Eye-Opener: A large proportion of candidates who choose to wait may later realize that they actually have more capability and they deserve a better B-school than what they have been dreaming off. Sometimes, it also becomes an eye-opener for them as they realize that going to a b-school would not take them anywhere near to their dream jobs.