5 Practical Elements For A Sane Life

What does the average person do in an average week? Work for five days and rest for two. And on goes the cycle of modern material life for decades. All is well… until it isn’t.

If you’re going to labor away five days and watch TV shows on weekends, what’s going to consume you when this routine breaks? if people leave you? if you’re put on a forced vacation from your job? I’ve seen friends pour almost all their non-working hours into a romantic relationship (and nothing else), and feel doomed when that relationship went south. To be frank, most of us make this mistake of having merely one, or two, thing(s) take over our days and evenings for too long. Here’s some thought, one I have previously shared with a few close friends, that might help live a life of sanity.

The 5 elements: home, work, friends, hobbies, ideals.


Your family and personal relationships. These are probably the only people who will stand by you no matter what, and as they say, home is where the heart is. You may leave town or forget tradition, but your roots are always back here.


Our brain didn’t evolve without reason, and it’s all the more reason to put it to good use. The work element pretty much rules all the remaining facets of life today.


In addition to college and high school buddies, continue to make friends throughout life. They’re your support system. On a bad day, it’s a friend who will most likely lift your spirits. When you feel lost in life or work, you can see your own self better only through a friend’s eyes.


Often ignored by adults. Even in the worst case you lose your job, family and friends, your hobbies will never abandon you unless you abandon them. Who knows, your hobbies can even bring you financial fortune.


We all need something to hold on to. It’s religion for some, a cause for others, or a belief still others. Even for the staunchest atheist, there’s science and rationalism.

Look at the list again. Can these 5 elements disappear from your life all at the same moment? If any four are gone, you’d still be left with one — to keep you from going insane. The important thing is, make the 5 elements a part of your daily life. You can’t pick up a new hobby or seek a new faith just in the moment of despair.

Have a wonderful 2014!

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