32 Consortium Companies Co-Creates SOIL

School of Inspired Leadership is co-created by a group of 32 Multinational and Indian companies from across industry verticals who believe in the value proposition of creating leaders with a focus on triple bottom line. The program is designed by and for companies to prepare the ‘manager of the future’ who is capable of solving cross-functional, multidimensional and complex problems that the corporate world of today faces while continuing to focus on Ethics & Sustainability. The MBA Consortium Companies have a key involvement in the one-year full time program at SOIL through networking events, mentorship, career workshops, company days and in assisting with career opportunities for students .

MBA Partner Companies offer action learning projects opportunities where in group of students work on live projects to solve real life problems for these organizations. Company days are also celebrated at SOIL every year where a case study and a leader from the consortium company address the students. These companies also provide placement and career opportunities and support the learning and curriculum design to make the program more industry ready.

The combined wisdom of these organizations has deepened our understanding of what the world’s best educational institutions need to focus on and has helped us deliver excellence to our students every year through rigorous reviews.

“Management programs are known for their academic rigor, but one never joins an MBA just for that. It’s the exposure to the knowledge of industrial functioning that attracts the participants. In case of SOIL, the institution itself has been created by the leading names in the industry, the value of which one realizes only when they become a part of the family. From guest lectures to personalized mentorship, we as students are blessed to be a part of such a wide network”- Nidhi Tuteja, PGP-HRL (Class of 2016).

To know more about the consortium companies and to apply to soil please reach out to [email protected]

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