10 Things I hate about Delhi

1. Population – “Bhara poora Parivar” – It feels as if more than half of India’s population is here, and in fact one-fourth of it is found at Palika bazar. Every place is crowded, no peace. More people, Less cows.

2. No Cow Milk – “Holy Cow“- It feels so awkward when you go to a Dairy Booth and you say, “Bhaiya, 1 litre gopaljee ka doodh dena”. And the worst part is when the shopkeeper says, “Full cream or Toned?”

3. Pollution – “Dhuan Dhuan ho raha hai sama” – Number of cars in Delhi is almost twice the size of Population. They buy the ‘Sapno ka ghar’ later and think of buying a car earlier. If you have to stay on footpath for some days, you’ll die of Asthma instead of some dengue or whatever.

4. Show Off – “Hum main hai hero“- More the show-off, More is the style statement. Funky hairstyles, Ultra waist denims (i fortunately got to know the style where we boys can show the cleavage too), getting cozy in public and many more stuff are seen and observed. Simplicity rarely works.

5. Money Matters – “Paisa sach main bolta hai” – Everybody wants to become Crorepati, and those who are not, they tries to portray themselves as if they are some Crorepati khandaan ki Aulaad.

6. Everybody is Committed(gf/bf types) – “Jo hume pasand hai, unhe hum pasand nahi aate“- Every second girls is committed here and never liked the first one. Same is the case with Boys but there is one difference, that is, second is committed and first one is coming out of break up phase.

7. Dabang vs Singham – “Hum bhi hain josh main, yun na aankhen dikha”- Hats off to all the male personalities. The moment anyone speaks a bad word or provokes someone, the other guy will always say the one line, “Yahin ruk , bulata hun” or sometimes “Ek baap ka hai to haath laga”. Just imagine, agar haath ni lagaya to Is he not a one Father Son?

8. Momos Manufacturer – “Kuch nepali momos wale bhi hote hain“(No offence) – Every second corner has a Momo’s Stand. Itne aate kahan se hain ?

9. Think and Tour – “Ghumte reh jaoge” – None of the sightseeing is near to where you stay and when ever you plan to go out somewhere, Auto’s meter Milkha singh se tez bhaagte hain.

10. Delhi Belly – “I hate you, Like I Love you.” – The worst best part is, you know the bad environment, you know the ill-effects, you know the controversies, but even knowing all you can never quit this place permanently. It has the attraction and charm, Be it negative or positive, that holds everyone.

The quote best suited for THE DELHI is, you can hate the place, but you can never ignore.

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