AP EAMCET Syllabus 2019

AP EAMCET 2019 Syllabus

The candidates who are appearing for the exam have to go through the syllabus first as to know the detailed topic listed for the exam. The syllabus for AP EAMCET will be released y the admission authority JNTU, Kakinada. The candidates will know about the subjects, chapters, topics that are important for the exam. The APEAMCET consists of 3 subjects- physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

AP EAMCET syllabus 2019 for Mathematics:

Subject Topic Sub-topic
Mathematics Algebra Functions, Mathematical Induction, complex numbers, De Moivre’s theorem, Quadratic expressions, the theory of equations, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem, matrices.
Trigonometry Trigonometric ratios up to transformations, trigonometric equations, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, properties of triangles.
Vector Algebra Addition of vectors, Product of vectors.
Measures of dispersion and probability Measures of dispersion, probability, random variables, and probability distributions.
Coordinate geometry Locus transformation of axes, a pair of straight lines, the straight line,  circle, system of circles, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, direction cosines and direction ratios, plane
Calculus Limits and continuity, differentiation, application of derivatives, integration, definite integral, differential equations.

AP EAMCET 2019 Syllabus of Physics:

Subject Topics


Units and Measurements, Motion in a straight line, laws of motion, motion in a straight line, work, energy and power, system of particles and rotational motion, oscillations, gravitation, mechanical properties of solids, mechanical properties of fluids, thermal properties of matter, thermodynamics, kinetic energy, waves ray optics and optical instruments, wave optics, electric charge and fields, electrostatic potential and capacitance, moving charges and magnetism, magnetism and matter, electromagnetic induction, current electricity, alternating current, electromagnetic waves, dual nature and radiation of radiation and matter, atoms, nuclei, semiconductor electronics, communication systems.

AP EAMCET 2019 syllabus of Chemistry:

Subjects Topics


Atomic structure, classification of elements and periodicity in properties, chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter- gases, and liquids, stoichiomtery, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium and acids-Bases, hydrogen and its compounds, the S- block elements(alkali and alkaline earth metals), p-block elements group 14(carbon family), p-block elements- group 14 (boron family), environmental chemistry, organic chemistry-some basic principles and techniques and hydrocarbons, solid state, solutions, electrochemistry and chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, general principles of metallurgy, p-block elements, d and f block elements and coordination compounds, polymers, biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life, haloalkanes, organic compounds containing C, H, O(alcohols, phenols, ethers, aldehyde, ketones, and carboxylic acids), organic compounds containing nitrogen.

AP EAMCET 2019 syllabus for Botany:

Subject                      Topics


Diversity in the living world: the living world, Morphology of flowering plants, reproduction in plants, plant systematic, cell-the unit of life, internal organisation of plants, plants ecology, plant physiology, microbiology, genetics: principles of  inheritance and variation, molecular biology: molecular basis of inheritance, biotechnology and its application, plants, microbes and human welfare.

AP EAMCET 2019 syllabus for Zoology:

Subject Topics


Body fluids and circulation, human reproductive system, study of periplaneta Americana- cockroach, zoology- diversity of living world, digestion and absorption, breathing and respiration, muscular and skeletal system, organic evolution, immune system, locomotion and reproduction in protozoa, excretory products and their elimination, reproductive health, genetics and applied biology

The books for preparation subject wise are as follows:

Books for Physics:

  • Concepts of Physics (volume 1).
  • Concepts of Physics (volume 2).
  • GBTU 2014: UP engineering entrance exam.
  • Hand book of Physics- Nipendra Bhatnagar.
  • Keynotes, terms, notes, formulas- Arihant Experts.
  • EAMCET physics(AP and Telangana)- Arihant Experts

Books for Chemistry:

  • Organic chemistry 7th
  • Essential physical chemistry.
  • Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry- Ananya Ganguly.
  • EAMCET Chemistry chapter wise 25 years Solutions and mock tests.
  • Hand book of Chemistry- RP Singh.
  • EAMCET chemistry (AP and Telangana)- Arihant experts.

Books for mathematics

  • GBTU 2014- Mathematics with 3 mock tests.
  • EAMCET Mathematics (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) chapter wise 25 years solutions and 5 mock tests.
  • Handbook of Mathematics- Amit Rastogi.

Books for biology:

  • Modern ABC of Biology class 12th set of 2 parts- A. Das Gupta, B.B. Arora, A.K.sabharwal.
  • NEET biology and medical entrance examinations- Kumar Bhatia.
  • ACE biology for NEET medical exams- Narang R C.
  • EAMCET crash course biology-Annapurna experts.