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  1. How do I report spam?
  2. Setting up a user account
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We have completely redesigned PaGaLGuY. Apart from speeding things up, we have added a new section to the site called 'Live Feed’, which shall be the hub of everything that you do on PaGaLGuY. Most new features added to PaGaLGuY are meant to help you connect and stay in touch with the people in your PaGaLGuY network better, and discover more interesting people to connect with. You can keep your friends on PaGaLGuY updated by Pinging about what you are up to, follow MBA students, alumni and CAT toppers and do a lot more.
The site has three main sections:
1. Live Feed
2. News
3. Forums
Any person who is above the age of 13 can set up a user account with PaGaLGuY. You need to have a valid email account before registering at PaGaLGuY. A verification mail will be sent to this address. You need to confirm your email address before you can start using PaGaLGuY.
Providing this data helps us make our services to you better and more relevant. Some of the data is necessary to ensure that user accounts on PaGaLGuY are in fact genuine and will not be used for spamming or other forms of abuse. You can check out our privacy policy to understand how we deal with your data.
Yes, you can. But do keep in mind that we can choose to deactivate all your accounts if you use them for impersonation, trolling, misleading other users and other general unbecoming behaviour.