Vijaybhoomi University, Mumbai Overview

  Mumbai   Private   ESTD 1995
  Mumbai   Private   ESTD 1995

About College

Vijaybhoomi University, Mumbai

Established in the year 1995 in Karjat, Greater Mumbai, Vijaybhoomi University is a private state university and India’s first Liberal Professional University. The university offers a wide variety of courses related to different fields and follows a unique curriculum that enables the students to fulfill their goals as well as prepare themselves for the demands of their chosen professions; it makes use of different systems and customized curriculum to ensure this. At Vijaybhoomi  University, professors are merely enablers, and it is the students that develop their own means of  learning.

Vijaybhoomi University Courses Offered

The curriculum at the university is such that the freshman and sophomore years test the different bits of intelligence of the students as well as encourage the development of many contemporary skills required in their respective fields, while the junior and senior years allow the students to select courses needed to graduate with and thus, provide the means to master the chosen course. Vijaybhoomi University offers a total of 8 courses, which are:


The School of Business offers 2 courses, each lasting 3 years: -
  1. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA: The BBA program provides different liberal arts courses and teaches the students about different core business concepts as well as digital economy specialisations. The program aims to create individuals that will be the driving force of the economy, by giving them the opportunity to specialise in Business Analytics, E-commerce and Supply Chain, Digital Marketing and, Financial Analysis and Technology.
  2. Bachelor of Commerce or BCOM: By offering specialisations in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Taxation, Statistics, Auditing as well as Management, the university enables the students to excel in the field of commerce. By the time the program ends, the students will have acquired the knowledge required to adapt to the business economy and garner success in the corporate world or as entrepreneurs.


The university offers a five-year course in the field of law, which is the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law or BBA LLB. With a program based on an industry-oriented curriculum, the BBA LLB program ensures that students are able to understand ideologies and concepts pertaining to business, technology and law and their convergence, and are also able to develop all the necessary skills. In order to prepare students for Industry 4.0, the program provides foundation courses on technology and law such as Banking, Finance, Securities and Investments, Technology, and Privacy Laws.


The university offers two courses in the field of design: -
  1. B. Des. In Communication Design: Vijaybhoomi offers a four-year course in B. Des. In Communication Design, by looking at the field bottom-up. The university makes use of technological advancement to hone the creative skills of students, who are all believed to be creators. With it being located amidst nature, which is a key source of design inspiration, the University aims to become the most modern school in the country with respect to Communication Design.
  2. M. Des. In Communication Design: This two-year course seeks to provide the students with the means to understand theoretical concepts of the field of Communication Design and explore design-oriented routes to better comprehend the design, both o the past and the present. Over the two years, students will learn about Product Industry Economics, Smart Digital Technologies, User Experience Design, along with value, feasibility, etc. of the industry.


There are three courses offered in this field: -
  1. Bachelor of Science in Data Science: It is a three-year program, during which the students shall be able to gain knowledge in the areas of Application Processing, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Statistical Modeling Techniques, Business Intelligence, etc. in accordance with the changing needs of the industry, so as to develop the skills needed to manage as well as analyze different data sets.
  2. Bachelor of Engineering- Artificial Intelligence: This is a four-year program that is designed in a way that students are able to grasp the concepts regarding AI and Robotics and are able to apply them in practice. Students have the opportunity to learn about Intelligent Agents, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, etc. with the help of trained industry experts.
  3. Master of Science in Data Science: The University offers this two-year program that aims to teach different concepts to and develop advanced data science skills in graduates as well as working professionals through courses such as Data Mining, Parallel Computing, Nonlinear Optimization, etc.

Besides these core courses, the university also offers some practice courses which are mandatory for all degree programs, some of which are:

  • Personality Enhancement Program
  • Industry Internship Program
  • Personalized Mentorship Program
  • International Learning Pathways with global universities etc.


The campus is located in such an area that there is a clear view of the mountain range and is a testament of sustainability along with minimalism. The university houses many classrooms, each equipped with state-of-the-art teaching aids, a computer lab, a design studio, and a library that contains books on just about any topic.

In terms of sports infrastructure, the university has a fully-equipped sports complex and trained coaches, a swimming pool, indoor basketball, badminton, tennis and squash courts, and a football field. Also, students that wish to live on campus are provided with comfortable student housing units, which help develop peer relationships.

Eligibility and Selection

Students seeking admission must have cleared senior secondary school and should have given a VSAT exam, the scores of which are valid for a period of one year.

And for the selection process, students must clear the Vijaybhoomi Discovery Process, which can be begun in the 11th or 12th grade, and the results of this process are valid for 12 months. Here is what the process looks like:

  • Register at in order to block a slot at a preferred test center. Students must fill an application form and pay an amount of Rs1000 which includes the fee for the test as well as the stay on campus during the Discovery Camp.
  • Appear for the VSAT or Vijaybhoomi Scholastic Aptitude Test, the details for which are mentioned on the website. Students with a valid score in JEE Main, LSAT, SAT, BITSAT, UCEED do not need to appear for it.
  • Attend the Vijaybhoomi Discovery Camp.
  • It is on the basis of the assessment of the score and the student’s participation in the Camp that the decision regarding admission will be made.

Contact Us

In the event that there are any queries, contact the university personally or visit the website.

Email Id: [email protected], [email protected]

Telephone Number: +91 9900067707/6/4/2

Postal Address: Vijaybhoomi University, Village Jamrung, Tehsil- Karjat, District- Raigad, Maharashtra, 410210