SIBM Nagpur FAQs

Q. Is SIBM Nagpur as good as other SIBM institutes?

Ans. The answer to this is straight forward, other SIBM institutes are quite older as compared to SIBM Nagpur. The established year is the best measure at present to compare these institutes amongst each other.

Q. Which are the other management colleges in Nagpur than SIBM Nagpur?

Ans. IIM Nagpur is a better management college as compared to the other management colleges that are located in Nagpur.

Q. Is SIBM Nagpur worth applying for?

Ans. The institute is too new to compare with the other MBA colleges. There are several reasons where you might consider SIBM Nagpur as an option. Firstly, the college has a reservation for Nagpur domiciled students so a Nagpur student will have an upper hand in the admission process. Secondly, it is a symbiosis institute so Nagpur college will receive the best quality resources from the parent university.

Q. Does SIBM Nagpur offer executive MBA?

Ans. There is no related information about this on the institute’s official website. Since it is a new institute, the college might offer this program in the near future,

Q. Is SIBM Nagpur a better location than other SIBM locations?

Ans. Nagpur is the epicenter of orange production, which boosts the overall GDP. There are many other FMCG industries that are based out of Nagpur. So, the job market will give opportunities to the students based out of Nagpur.