Rishihood University [RU] Sonepat Campus Facilities

  Sonepat   UGC, Private   ESTD 2018
  Sonepat   UGC, Private   ESTD 2018

Campus Facilities

Infrastructure and Facilities

Rishihood University has developed its infrastructure keeping in mind the needs of its students and faculty. Life at Rishihood allows the students to discover and create their own Rishihood with love, compassion, curiosity and enthusiasm. In other words, it is yours to create.

Rishihood University provides a vibrant range of cultural, recreational and social activities for the students. With so many choices, students can learn new skills or engage in sports, discover talents which they never knew they had and make friendships that will create memories for a lifetime.

A healthy social life is a massive part of being a student. Our campus is designed to make sure you get the most from your time at Rishihood, combining great facilities with a stunning location.

Classrooms, Labs & Studios

Rishihood means “experiential learning”.

At Rishihood University you will experience a whole new world of academic excellence with State of the Art modern and air-conditioned classrooms and latest technological back-up. Our classrooms naturally trigger a PROGRESSIVE LEARNING experience for the students with the best possible teaching facilities under the supervision of the learned and experienced faculties.

Our labs and studios are designed very judiciously to help our students and faculty explore the real-world. LEARNING BY DOING is one of the integral parts of our teaching methodology. To facilitate the best of the outcome, our labs and studios are well equipped with the latest teaching tools.

Knowledge Resource Center (Library)

Rishihood is about diving deep in search of knowledge.

Rishihood University library has been designed keeping in mind the international standards which create a very conducive environment for research and learning. It provides access to high-speed Wi-Fi and other means of digital communications. Qualified staff is available to support the needs of the students, faculty and the staff.

Our large collection of books and journals, including e-books and e-journals together with printed collections, enables everyone to have extensive access to the resources that you need for your assignments, reports, and other academic content.

Auditorium & Seminar Halls

Rishihood is a stage you can’t miss.

The campus has a fully equipped 350 seats air-conditioned auditorium and three 120 seater capacity seminar halls which provide a substantial space to explore, to study, to interact, to enjoy academic and non-academic events. It has State-of-the-art audiovisual facility to hold convocation, National-International Seminar, and other activities. Seminar halls at the campus are places to provide a level of interactivity that other places and traditional methods of communication fail to do. They are aesthetically designed where all the important workshops and seminars are held. The conference halls are built to host several dignitaries to share their valuable insights with our students and faculty members.

Campus Housing

Rishihood is a ‘Home Away from Home’.

Living on campus means living among friends, being close to classes, getting access to helpful resources, and feeling connected to the University. One of the best ways to experience university life is through Student Housing. Rishihood gives you a lifetime opportunity to stay on campus, close to your mentors and make networks to cherish for life and develop yourself as an independent and responsible person.

Our rooms are comfortable and secure, allowing you to focus on your studies and enjoy everything that Rishihood has to offer. We ensure hostel accommodation for all admitted students for the duration of their degree program. Hostel rooms are designed for double occupancy with central air-conditioning and all safety and fire equipment in place.

“Living on Campus means that you can make friends even before classes begin.”

Dining and Meal Services

A key feature of our campus is its organic farm and associated dining services. Our dining facilities are designed such that the students enjoy delicious and healthy meals whether it is breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner. The dining space is not just a place to eat but also to build life-long friendships and have informal conversations with the teachers

Student Mess Committee is involved in the menu planning process and the quality control of the food that is served to students, faculty, and staff. Normally the menu can be changed from week to week depending on the type of food students would like to eat. There are special places designated for students to celebrate special events such as birthday, festivals or just to sit back and relax with various types of music.

Hostel Type (Girls/ Boys) Both
Hostel Fees 1,50,000 Per annum
Mess Fees Included in annual fees
Location (on-campus or off-campus) On Campus
Number of Rooms
Room Type (Occupancy basis) 2 sharing or 3 sharing basis along with common lounge and recreation room.
Hostel Facilities/ Amenities Air-conditioned, well furnished rooms with 24*7 Wi-Fi, water, electricity & Laundry service