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  Bangalore   ESTD 2012
  Bangalore   ESTD 2012

About College

India is unmistakably on the global technology map today. While this is a success worth being lauded, it also masks several underlying challenges. First, that the global technology leadership map remains highly unevenly distributed. Indian firms have indeed placed the country on the technology map and made inroads into the global market, but key leadership roles remain a challenge.

The other critical challenge is India’s ongoing transformation—the Indian IT industry has largely been outsourcing-oriented, however, the last decade has seen a distinctive evolution towards product creation. Yet, there remains a gross lack of Indian technology products in the global technology space.

Founded in 2012, the Institute of Product Leadership is India’s first B-School for technology managers, focusing exclusively on Product Leadership with the aim of transforming technology executives into future product managers and industry leaders. Product Management has many definitions but most experts will agree that it is essentially the art and science of delivering delighting solutions to real market problems and doing so rather predictably.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, Institute of Product Leadership designs and delivers career growth acceleration programs for senior product professionals in order to fast track their career path transformation right from building innovation to productizing in global and emerging markets.

Institute of Product Leadership was born in conjunction with the Executive Product Industry Council (EPIC), a group of elite product leaders who currently drive product innovation from India in global companies. The EPIC board, along with the Board of Academics and Research (BAR), distinguished Executive Coaches and Faculty, provide advice on the productizing of new technologies and ideas, devise programs that enable technology leaders to graduate from being code-centric to customer-centric and also help the engineering centers in Asia nurture the next generation of product leaders.