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  Noida   ESTD 2016
  Noida   ESTD 2016

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ISDM is a pioneering institute that moulds future-ready leaders equipped with real-world management and leadership skills, strong ethics, and a social conscience, who will lead and manage organisations with a social purpose, to deliver sustainable impact at scale for the benefit of our planet.

We have a full-fledged program on Development Management, with a holistic, values-based and innovative learning framework, and a growing research centre and body of knowledge that aims to create, strengthen and establish the knowledge and practice of Development Management.


ISDM's PGP-DM is a pioneering program in Development Management, combining in-class sessions with collaborative group work and a field component. Guided by its core values of equity, compassion, justice and courage, the program focuses on fostering the qualities of a development management professional so as to bring about significant, sustainable change in society. 

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  1. Personal Mastery for Development Leadership builds up the spirit of curiosity, courage and compassion in students by creating a safe space for teams to flourish and thrive.

  2. A 2 week immersive field component on Realising India to help develop the students’ understanding of people’s lives at the district level, preparing them to design interventions.
  1. A unique Context-Based Collaborative Learning (CBCL) pedagogy enables students to understand the contextual realities and complexities of the social sector through working one-on-one with experienced bricoleurs.

  2. Live interactions with eminent speakers from the sector all through the year to help the students debate, discuss, pause, reflect and learn.

  3. Specially curated workshops covering a range of topics from Group Dynamics, Radical Transformation Leadership (RTL) to future fo

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