HLM Business School [HLMBS], Ghaziabad Campus Facilities

  Ghaziabad   AICTE, AKTU-Lucknow, BCI   ESTD 2005
  Ghaziabad   AICTE, AKTU-Lucknow, BCI   ESTD 2005

Campus Facilities


HLM Group believes in providing the best college experience to the students. With state of the art facilities and upgraded technology driven infrastructure, HLM has one of the best educational infrastructures in the region. The technologically upgraded classrooms facilitate teaching through advanced tools and techniques.

HLM Group has air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled classrooms with projectors, tutorial rooms, multiple libraries, state-of-the-art seminar rooms and a fully equipped auditorium. The campus is fully CCTV-enabled to cater to the safety requirements of the students and staff.


The campus of HLM has spacious, well ventilated, air-conditioned lecture theatres which have been thoughtfully designed to induce high quality learning. Availability of latest audio-visual aids and multimedia technology enables faculty members to conduct interactive sessions with students so as to enhance learning and understanding. All lecture halls are well equipped with LCD projectors so as to facilitate the teaching as well as learning process


HLM has a well stocked, well managed library with over 10 Lac books and a sufficient number of National as well as International journals. The library not only contains books of academic interests and disciplines but also provides non-academic books which play a crucial role in holistic development of individuals. These include books by personality development trainers, business gurus, spiritual trainers and art of living specialists. Students can access a huge database of books & journals through the E-library.


HLM Offers Computer resources and facilities in both the campus. Following facilities are available for each of the students at HLM:

  • Fully Wi-Fi campus and computer lab facilities with ratio of 1:1.
  • Students have access to Live Database, online journals, and worldwide web
  • State-of-the-art computer lab with more than 500 PCs.
  • The entire campus has a Switch-Based Local Area Network (LAN) operating on Windows 2000 and XP. . Various OS platforms such as Linux and Windows XP.
  • High-speed network laser printers, scanners and CD writer support systems.
  • The centre is equipped with a variety of software such as SPSS, Lotus Smart Suite, Corel, Oracle, RDBMS, and Visual Basic.
  • Different business management software applications and business games like Business Simulation, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. Quantitative Analysis and Multidimensional scaling are also available. Conference rooms
  • The Conference rooms in HLM are spacious, wide, and well-lighted creating a perfect ambience for organizing academic meetings, seminars, events, guest lectures, and corporate recruitment procedures.


The Conference rooms in HLM are spacious, wide, and well-lighted creating a perfect ambience for organizing academic meetings, seminars, events, guest lectures, and corporate recruitment procedures.


The college has one auditorium. The auditorium is used for activities such as seminars, guest lectures, cultural activities, department functions and other events. The college has a fully air-conditioned and well furnished auditorium fitted with LCD Projector & sound proof Audio-Video facilities, slide projectors and comfortable seats. It has a seating capacity of 300 people where all presentations, group discussions and other pragmatic events are organized.

Sports Facilities

The campus of the institute has a huge playground for organizing sports like football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, handball, basketball, kabaddi, kho-kho etc.

The institute has a separate Sports Committee responsible for arranging sports activities within the campus and ensuring sufficient and timely availability of sports equipment for use by students.

Sports meets are arranged within the campus thrice a year where institutes from nearby areas are invited to participate.

Recreational Room

HLM Group boasts a vibrant recreational room equipped with all required amenities at the center of the campus. The room is used for a variety of purposes, such as parties, of and on casual meetings, games and other everyday or casual activities.


Cafeteria often acts as a productive place for discussing new ideas besides seeking rest and refreshment from routine academic activities. The canteen at HLM is specially modeled to provide a comfortable setting for students. The canteen is well-ventilated and spacious with adequate seating capacity.

The canteen follows a hygienic and nutritious culture of preparing food. Strict cleanliness routine is followed in the canteen so that it always remains a germ-free hygienic setting for students to have refreshments. The institute ensures healthy eating habits among students and thus utmost care is taken to provide nutritious food.

Apart from this, the canteen provides refreshments at very reasonable prices, affordable by each and every student.


HLM Group provides transport facilities for students and staff from already decided picks up points in DELHI-NCR. . The institute has its own fleet of buses which not only takes care of daily transportation, but also is used for student outings, entertainment study tours and industrial visits etc.


Being a part of a club or a society helps you to gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development and management, finance, presentation and public speaking. You will feel the change in yourself. You’ll grow faster than you think. It’s the best way to meet people. HLM has established various clubs /societies to help students inculcate skills beyond academics


The Cultural Club of HLM aims at helping the students to understand and accept themselves ‘as they are’ and helps the students to help themselves. The main objective of the club is to bring about a voluntary change in the students. For this purpose, the teachers and management provide facilities to achieve the desired changes or to make the suitable choices.

  • There is abundance of cultural talent in the college premises and the Cultural club provides a platform for those talents to flourish.
  • Promote opportunities for everyone to experience culture, participate in educational programme and develop their creative abilities.
  • Promote quality and artistic renewal.
  • Promote a dynamic cultural heritage that is preserved, used and developed.
  • Promote accessibilities.
  • Pay particular attention to the rights of young people to culture.
  • To help the students to know themselves better their interests, abilities, aptitudes and opportunities.
  • To encourage and develop special abilities and right attitudes.


Communication is the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. However it is said to be effective only when the message is understood and when it stimulates action or encourages the receiver to think in new ways. The main objective of the communication club is to hone the communication & presentation skills of the students of HLM and contribute to their personality development.

  • To provide students the opportunity for participation in various kinds of activities which involve different modes of communication at different levels.
  • To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to organize and manage through individual clubs.
  • To develop their personalities by exposure to different kind of audience and platforms with each event.
  • To provide an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular activity.


The Sports club is committed to provide a healthy sporting habit among the students. It helps to learn teamwork at work, coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups and mainly infuses discipline & instills the value system in one individual. Value of time, precision & competitiveness are the major learning points apart from communication, coordination & teamwork.

  • To promote all sports activities possible in the campus.
  • To make sure that all students are getting opportunities in college sports competitions
  • To organize inter and intra college competitions.
  • To prepare an annual sports calendar.
  • To maintain indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


The Information Technology (IT) Club of HLM provides students with opportunities to discuss various IT issues outside the classroom in order to create a greater appreciation for and understanding of technology. Students plan field trips, guest lectures, and special events during the year; In addition to their own education, IT Club members strive to educate the masses on the use of technology.

  • To provide students a platform where they gain knowledge about the Anatomy of the Computer.
  • To provide students a platform where they can share their knowledge on current trends in Information Technology.
  • To make students aware of the evolving technologies by organizing Seminars, Workshops & Guest Lecturers.


HLM has introduced Entrepreneurship Club for stimulating the young minds of the students of all departments to think beyond traditional mindset and foster the culture of entrepreneurship.

  • HLM has introduced Entrepreneurship Club for stimulating the young minds of the students of all departments to think beyond traditional mindset and foster the culture of entrepreneurship.
  • It is an experiment which aims to synchronize the efforts of aspiring and established entrepreneurs and facilitate them with managerial and technical skills so that the process of having your own startup is not intimidating.
  • It is imperative to meet frequently new people or experts for learning.
  • This cell would help in identifying the components for start-up ecosystem and would facilitate learning to face the challenges for the same.
  • The cell organizes activities which include experience sharing by Entrepreneurs, attending events promoting entrepreneurship and organizing forums discussing impact of Government policy on Entrepreneurs.